Equestrian’s Guide to Ariat Show Coats & Riding Jackets

Equestrian’s Guide to Ariat Show Coats & Riding Jackets

Ariat show coats are a phenomenal choice for any competition. They feature technology fabrics with thoughtful and stylish touches that will add to your riding confidence while making you look sharp. Whether you need a show coat or a riding jacket, Ariat has you covered. This article includes all the information you need to find your perfect Ariat show coat or riding jacket.

What To Look for in a Show Coat

Show coats, or show jackets, are a must for competition in many English riding disciplines. What you’re allowed to wear will depend on the discipline and the event, so check the rules for your competition to be sure. Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Hunters and equitation — Wear conservative colors like navy or black and coats with a three- or four-button front. Subtle features like accent buttons on the sleeve cuffs may be allowed.
  • Eventers and dressage — A black four-button show coat is the most common. Some events may allow flair, including colored piping, colored coat linings, contrasting buttons, and crystals.
  • Jumpers — Wear a four-button jacket that expresses your unique style, including bright colors like burgundy and bright blue, shiny buttons, and contrasting colored piping.

You’ll also want to consider the material for your show coat, regardless of your discipline. Gone are the days of wearing hot, heavy, and restrictive wool coats; today’s modern show coats are made of high-tech synthetic fabrics like mesh, softshell, and microfiber. These materials offer better freedom of movement and temperature control to keep riders comfortable. They often tend to wear better, are easier to keep clean, and are odor resistant.

How To Size a Show Coat

Your show coat is the most important aspect of your attire at a competition. Make sure you try coats on wearing your show shirt and breeches, so you’ll know how they’ll fit and move with the other fabrics. To size a show coat, follow these steps:

  1. Check the shoulder fit — The shoulder seams should line up with the edges of your shoulders. You don’t want your show coat to be too big and look boxy or too small and pull over your biceps. Make sure you can move in all riding positions comfortably.
  2. Check the torso fit — The lapels should lie flat against your chest with no puckering at the buttons, and the back should be flat with no bulges or wrinkles.
  3. Check the length — Though this may depend on your personal preference, the coat should show two to three fingers’ width of your bottom. Some people do prefer a slightly longer jacket, but make sure it won’t constrain your movement in the saddle.
  4. Check the sleeve length — With your arms hanging naturally at your sides, the sleeve hem should come close to the knuckle where your thumb begins. This may seem a little long, but it’s appropriate for when you bend your arm in a riding position. 

If you can, sit in the saddle to check the fit. You want to make sure the coat is comfortable and won’t restrict your movements. If needed, a tailor can assist with the coat and sleeve length easily. Adjusting the shoulder fit is more challenging, so at a minimum, make sure that works for you before purchasing any show jacket.

Top Ariat Show Coats

Ariat Women’s Artico Exhale Show Coat ($299.95)

Ariat Women's Artico Exhale Show Coat

This classically styled four-button show coat is a fan favorite, as it’s made of the lightest mesh material you’ll find. It’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretches in all the right places for comfort and total freedom of movement.

Ariat Women’s Galatea Show Coat-Sale ($217.97)

Ariat Women's Galatea Show Coat

If you’re looking for a three-button coat that’s the perfect weight for year-round riding, Ariat has the show coat for you. We love the superb design with stretch double-knit moisture-wicking fabric, as it’s stylish and comfortable. 

Ariat Kid’s Artico Show Coat ($224.95)

Ariat Kid's Artico Show Coat

This sleek show coat will stand up to anything your child throws at it. Simply wash it in the machine, and it’s ready for another day of riding. The moisture-wicking fabric has the right amount of stretch to be comfortable, and it’ll stand up to the elements, even on winter days. 

Ariat Show Coat Sizing

Here is the Ariat show coat and jacket size chart. Some reviews note that Ariat show coats may run a little small, so definitely check the chart before making a purchase.

Ariat women's show coat and jacket size chart

Top Ariat Riding Jackets

Ariat Women’s New Team Softshell Jacket ($114.95)

Ariat Women's New Team Softshell Jacket

This softshell jacket is as comfortable as it is stylish. It’s great for brisk days, as the fabric lined with fleece holds in heat to keep you warm. It’s also breathable and wind- and water-resistant.

The Ariat New Team Softshell jacket also comes in youth sizes

Ariat Women’s Packable H2O Jacket ($139.95)

Ariat Women's Packable H2O Jacket

If you’re looking for a conveniently packable rain jacket for those overcast days, Ariat has the jacket for you! We love this sporty, stylish, and functional jacket for those potentially rainy days. The fabric is windproof and breathable, and it even has a removable drawstring hood to keep you dry and comfortable.

Caring for Your Ariat Show Coat and Riding Jacket

Ariat has designed their show coats and riding jackets with technology fabrics that are machine washable for easy care. Wash on a gentle cycle with cold water. Then, tumble dry on a low setting and remove promptly when the cycle is over. To avoid shrinkage, don’t overdry the coat.

Show Coats and Riding Jackets from a Trusted Equine Sportswear Brand

Ariat has a strong reputation for producing durable, well-designed, comfortable, quality riding apparel for almost three decades. You can purchase any of their products with confidence that you’ll own some of the best apparel available for years to come.

You can find an extensive selection of Ariat coats and other riding apparel at The Farm House. Check out our specially curated collection of Ariat Riding Apparel.

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