Saddle Trial Policy

We Now Offer Credit Card Authorization For Saddle Trials. This policy offers a quicker refund in the event the saddle does not work for you or your horse. **Due to server & merchant account limitations, this policy cannot be extended to saddles purchased on our website. Credit card authorizations can only be processed in the store or over the phone.

Payment and Trial Period:

When you call the store to order, you may try any of our new or used saddles with a credit card authorization for the price of the saddle, and a charge for shipping costs ($50). After the saddle arrives at your location, you will have four days to decide if you want to keep it. On day four, we’ll need to hear from you with “Yes! I want it.” or a tracking number for its return. If we don’t hear from you on the fourth day, we’ll assume you want the saddle and charge your card accordingly.

If weather interferes with your ability to try your saddle, please call us during store hours for an extension of your trial period and authorization BEFORE the fourth day. Call Mon-Fri 9am-6pm or Sat 9am-4pm. Telephone: 864-457-3557

If you decide to purchase your trial saddle, your card will be charged immediately. The initial $50 shipping fee will be deducted from NEW saddle purchases only.

Please note: Due to server and merchant account limitations, this policy cannot be extended to saddles purchased with a click on our website. You must call the store to order with a credit card authorization.

Saddle Return Policy:

If the saddle is not suitable for you and/or your horse, you may return it at your expense. Use the box and protective wrapping it arrived in, and remember to include any other items that came with it (i.e., cover, leathers, irons, pads, extra gullet plates, etc.) Please DO NOT add shipping peanuts to the box!

Please remember, call us with a return tracking number by the fourth day of your trial period to avoid having your card charged. We can arrange for a UPS pickup if you are unable to get to a shipping center in time. We charge $50 for this service, including the shipping charge. Please call us at 864-457-3557 for details.

Saddles purchased and then returned after the trial policy period incur a 20% restocking fee.

Riding and Care of a New Saddle on Trial:

Handle a new saddle carefully, please. Keep it separate from oiled tack to avoid staining. Wrap your leathers – plastic wrap or tube socks with the toe cut off do a good job of protecting the flaps without adding too much bulk under your leg. Keep your ride time reasonable to avoid sweating the seat, and please don’t ride in the rain or other adverse conditions.

Riding and Care of a Used Saddle on Trial:

Because they’re pre-loved, used saddles may be tried without wrapping the leathers and for a longer period of time. Take a lesson, take a trail ride. But please do be careful to preserve the condition of the saddle.

Negotiating a Used Saddle Price:

Most of our used saddle prices are open for negotiation. We ask you to try the saddle first, to make sure it’s suitable for you and your horse. If you decide you want to keep it, call us with your offer before the end of the trial period and we will contact the consignor for acceptance or a counter-offer.

Getting the Correct Size Saddle

Not sure what size of saddle you need? Check out our guide on how to measure for an English saddle, so you can feel confident as you shop for your next saddle.