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Fleeceworks is passionate about the comfort and health of horses and saddle fit. The company was founded by Judy McSwain, who also serves as lead designer. As a result of her obsession with the science of friction, impact ratios, moisture-wicking, and proportional liquid absorption percentages, Fleeceworks’ saddle pads are extremely effective and comfortable for the horse.

Why You’ll Love Fleeceworks

Fleeceworks’ half pads and full pads are known for the technology behind them. FXK Technology features an elastic band that runs vertically over the top of the saddle pad to fully protect your horse’s entire topline. It acts as a shock absorber, taking rotational pull off the horse's shoulder before any pressure can reach the sensitive spine and wither areas. Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Technology combines pure Australian sheepskin, innovative insert materials, and a patent-pending design to ensure an ideal fit for both horse and rider.

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With Fleeceworks saddle pads, you have options. From the Fleeceworks Bamboo Easy Care Contour Saddle Pad that wicks away moisture and is antibacterial, to the Fleeceworks Sheepskin Bareback Pad, you can find specific saddle pads for every discipline in a variety of high-quality, effective materials. Don’t miss the Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Halfpad, which offers premium fleece lining and removable shims that customize to your horse’s back for a more comfortable ride.

What Others Are Saying

My Favorite Saddle Pad For Showing! I love how the natural fleece looks, the comfort it provides and how well these pads wash up. These pads really complete the look in the hunter ring! - FHT Customer

“I love my Fleecework half pad for the superb support it gives my horse’s back. We’re still working on building his topline so the ability to add and remove shims is so convenient!” - Ellis V.