Ariat Women’s Shirt Guide: Sizing, Fit, & Styles

Ariat Women’s Shirt Guide: Sizing, Fit, & Styles

When you’re comfortable, you’re free to focus your attention on your horse and truly enjoy your ride. Picking the right shirt for horse riding is essential for maintaining comfort. Ariat shirts are designed specifically for equestrians and include special features like breathable fabric and sun-blocking properties to keep you at peak performance. 

In this guide, we’ll be highlighting Ariat women’s shirts, including show shirts, sun shirts, and t-shirts. We’ll share some of the most popular Ariat shirts here at The Farm House and highlight the unique features that Ariat has built into their apparel. We’ll also include tips for finding the perfect size and fit to help you find your new favorite riding shirt.  

Why Choose Ariat Shirts?

Ariat shirts are the product of nearly 30 years of experience creating quality riding apparel. Named in honor of Secretariat, the lauded 1973 Triple Crown-winning racehorse, Ariat’s reputation for creating high-quality, well-designed, and durable riding shirts has made them a favorite of English riders around the world. Ariat produces an impressive selection of women’s show shirts, sun shirts, and tees.

How to Select a Quality Riding Shirt

Riding shirts are designed specifically for horseback riding. Standard dress shirts aren’t designed for riding, so they feel hotter, are less breathable, and lack the stretch that’s built into a show shirt. The same holds true for a sun shirt or riding tee. As a general rule, a regular shirt or a standard tee just isn’t going to hold up as well to the rigors of riding. 

Ariat women’s shirts are manufactured in a number of different styles, each with its own special features and tailoring to keep a rider comfortable in a variety of situations. Shopping with the purpose of the shirt in mind will help narrow your focus, ensuring you find the perfect shirt for whatever type of horse riding you have planned. 

How Do Ariat Shirts Fit?

One of Ariat’s key selling points is consistent sizing. Ariat women’s shirts are no exception. So once you’ve found your perfect size, you can order knowing that your new shirts will fit. Ariat’s commitment to consistency in manufacturing makes it easy to find the right fit the first time. And the high-quality construction ensures they’ll continue to maintain their fit, even after plenty of use. 

Do Ariat Shirts Run True to Size?

As a general rule, Ariat’s show shirts, sun shirts, and tees all run true to size. Their shirts feature a trim but comfortable cut. Ariat show shirts and sun shirts are made using stretchable fabrics designed to move effortlessly along with you. Their tees are made from 100% cotton that keeps its shape even after many trips through the washing machine.

Ariat Shirts Size Charts

Ariat women’s shirts come in a range of women’s sizes. Ariat’s show shirts, sun shirts, and other shirts like tees and polos are available in sizes ranging from x-small to xx-large to ensure you find the perfect fit. Use the Ariat women’s shirt size chart below to find your size.

Ariat Women's Shirt Size Chart

How to Measure for an Ariat Women’s Shirt

How to measure for an Ariat women's shirt

Styles of Ariat Shirts 

Ariat shirts come in a variety of types with each specifically designed for the activity it supports. Ariat show shirts are made to be worn during dressage, hunter, and jumper events. This type of riding shirt is typically more formal than a sun shirt or tee shirt and usually features specially cut collars and cuffs. Raglan styling ensures you feel your best in the ring. Ariat’s women’s show shirts come in a variety of styles including long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless. 

Ariat sun shirts are designed for everyday riding and working around the ring. They have a less formal cut and styling. They feature UV protective fabric and come in a variety of styles including long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless. Ariat’s t-shirts, sleeveless tops, and polos are made to wear while riding, working, or just lounging around at home. They also include many of the same cooling and moisture-wicking features as Ariat’s show shirts and sun shirts.

Learn more about our favorite Ariat sun shirts for summer weather.

3 Most Popular Ariat Shirts

1. Ariat Women’s VentTEK II Stretch Shirt ($58.95)

We love the Ariat VentTEK because of the mesh yoke lining combined with heat series technology and SPF protection. There’s no need to avoid the sun in this powerful heat series top.

2. Ariat Women’s Sunstopper 3.0 1/4 Zip Baselayer Print ($69.95)

This Ariat  Sunstopper baselayer features a fantastic new Cross Country design. Your friends will want to know where you found this stylish new piece. It’s loaded with all the things we love, like AriatTEK® heat series technology and moisture movement technology to keep you cooler, and of course the sun protection fabric.

3. Ariat Women’s Sunstopper 3.0 Long Sleeve Show Shirt ($74.95)

You’ll love this Sunstopper 3.0 long sleeve show shirt because it is lightweight and helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays! It also has an elegant floral fabric lining inside the collar for extra style. This classic show shirt has a breathable mesh panel and utilizes ClimateTEK cooling technology.

Specialized Fabrics

All of Ariat’s shirts are designed using a collection of specialized, technical fabrics that breathe easily to keep you feeling cool and comfortable as you ride or work around the ring. Two popular examples are Ariat’s Freeze Point and AriatTEK Heat Series. These technical fabrics work to reduce the skin’s temperature to keep you cool and comfortable on extended rides or during intense competition. Their Moisture Movement Technology (MMT) fabrics pull moisture away from the skin, wicking it to the top layer of the garment so it can evaporate more easily. This technology keeps active riders drier on warm days. 

The sun protection fabric used in Ariat’s sun shirts and some show shirts provides added protection from UV rays to keep your skin shielded from the damaging effects of the sun. Ariat’s show shirt and sun shirt fabrics are also designed to control odor by actively inhibiting bacterial growth.

Other Popular Features

Some Ariat women’s shirts come with additional features that can further elevate the rider’s experience. One of the most popular is a collection of breathable mesh panels in the side and back. These panels are strategically placed to promote maximum active airflow and moisture-wicking. Another key feature is TekStretch fabric. Featured in some of Ariat’s show shirts and sun shirts, this fabric flexes easily, providing more freedom of movement to riders both in and out of the saddle

Count on Ariat Shirts for Comfort and Style

It’s easy to understand why Ariat shirts are so popular. They provide exceptional comfort and keep riders looking sharp, whether they’re performing in competition, working in the ring, or casually riding. Any Ariat shirt you choose is sure to become one of your favorites.

Check out our collection of Ariat women’s shirts! If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re happy to help!

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