Ultimate Ariat Breeches Guide (Size, Fit, & Style)

Ultimate Ariat Breeches Guide (Size, Fit, & Style)

A good pair of riding breeches are an essential part of the horseback riding experience. For many riders Ariat breeches are a top choice. In this guide, we’ll show you how to pick out the best pair of Ariat breeches to suit your riding style, in a size and fit you’ll be most comfortable wearing.

Why Choose Ariat Breeches? 

Ariat has been making riding apparel for nearly three decades. Their reputation for producing comfortable, well-designed, and durable riding breeches has made Ariat a consistent choice among English riders. Ariat manufactures women’s riding breeches, men’s riding breeches, and kids’ riding breeches.

How to Select a Quality Pair of Riding Breeches

Riding breeches are made specifically for horseback riding. In general, wearing breeches are far more comfortable than just wearing a pair of jeans or other pants that aren’t designed for riding due to the special features included in breeches. 

Ariat riding breeches come in a number of different styles, each with its own set of special features. So knowing which style of Ariat breeches works best for you will help you narrow down your options and pick out a pair that best meet your needs. Here’s a look at the available features and sizing charts to help you pick out the perfect pair for you. 

How Do Ariat Breeches Fit?

Besides the high-quality and impeccable styling, fit is one of the primary reasons that Ariat breeches are so popular. Ariat’s fit is consistent, so you can reliably order additional pairs once you determine your best size in one pair.

Do Ariat Breeches Run True to Size?

In general, Ariat breeches tend to run true to size to a bit larger. So keep this in mind when ordering. Their breeches are designed to fit several inches above the ankle bones for maximum comfort. The compression fabrics used in their riding breeches ensure a snug, sleek fit that retains its shape even after a long day in the saddle. 

Ariat Breeches Size Charts

Ariat breeches come in a selection of sizes for men, women, and kids. In addition to waist size, Ariat’s riding breeches can be ordered in either regular or long lengths. Use the Ariat breeches size charts below to find your size.

Ariat Women's Breeches Size Chart

Ariat Tri Factor Breeches Size Chart
Ariat Kids / Youth Breeches Size Chart

Styles of Ariat Breeches 

Riding breeches generally fall into two categories: knee patch breeches and full seat breeches. The difference between the two centers on where the special gripping fabric is sewn into the pant. Knee patch breeches are designed with grip patches in the knees, allowing the rider some extra grip on the saddle on the insides of the knees. In contrast, full seat breeches have the grip patches covering the entire seat area and down the inside of the legs, offering even greater stability. Ariat’s HexGrip and UltraGrip materials used in their knee patch and full seat breeches offer added stability and grip while riding. 

Specialized Fabrics

Ariat breeches come in a variety of specialized fabrics that promote comfort, breathability, and coolness. One of the most unique is a special four-way stretch denim fabric that’s extra durable and stylish too. Other in-demand fabric choices are Ariat’s Freeze Point or AriatTEK Heat Series, two technical fabrics designed to lower the skin’s temperature to keep you cool and comfortable on long riding days or during tough competition. Ariat breeches can also be ordered in Italian-made jersey, high stretch, and moisture-wicking fabrics. 

Other Key Features

Some Ariat men’s and women’s breeches come with other features that can further enhance the rider’s experience. Breeches featuring their CFS, Calf Fit System offer targeted support for the calves and ankles to alleviate pressure points and friction. Some of Ariat’s riding breeches even come with a cell phone pocket at the thigh so you can keep your smartphone within easy reach. Lastly, some styles are UV protective, effectively blocking the sun’s UV rays to protect the skin from damage.

Most Popular Ariat Breeches

While all of the Ariat breeches we carry are strong sellers, here are some of our most popular styles.

1. Ariat Women’s Tri Factor Grip Full Seat Breeches ($169.95)

Ariat Women's Tri Factor Breeches

The Ariat Tri-Factor Breeches should be a staple in every rider’s closet. We love these breeches not only for the comfort of the amazing Freeze Point fabric, but also for the core control technology with compression fabric. This breech is perfect for riding in any season.

2. Ariat Women’s Prevail Insulated Knee Patch Reflectice Tight($109.95)

The Ariat® Prevail Tights combine compression fabric with fleece for a flattering fit and ultimate warmth. We love these tights not just for their reflective paneling, but also for the enhanced grip provided by the knee patch. Ride tough in these rugged tights, ready to take on any challenge!

3. Ariat Women’s Halo Denim Full Seat Breech ($129.95)

Ariat HALO Denim Breeches for Women

We already mentioned the amazing four-way stretch denim, but if you’ve not experienced you have to try a pair. The stylish, yet durable denim design, and Hex knee grip make the Ariat Halo Demin Breeches one of the toughest pairs on the market. These breeches allow you to easily go from running errands to tacking your horse and going for a ride.

Riding Breeches from a Trusted Leader in Equine Sportswear

Ariat breeches are designed to keep you comfortable and confident as you ride. Their riding breeches come in a variety of sizes for both women, men, and kids. They offer a wide selection of styles, so finding the right one to support your style of riding and preferences is easy. Ariat’s reputation for producing quality apparel means you can make your purchase with confidence, knowing you’ll be enjoying your breeches for years to come.

You can find an extensive selection of Ariat breeches and other riding apparel at The Farm House. Check out our collection.

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