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The Prestige Italia brand has a rich history of forty years, based on cutting-edge ideas, craftsmanship, and love for horses. As a leader in saddle making, Prestige turned traditional methods in saddle making on their head. The company uses innovative techniques to craft saddles that provide the utmost in rider comfort and prioritize the wellbeing of the horse. This dual focus on the rider and the horse sets this brand apart. Prestige saddles are exquisitely handcrafted from the finest materials, incorporating their famous tree construction that’s perfectly adapted to the anatomy of the horse and the comfort of the rider. 

Why You’ll Love Prestige

Innovation defines Prestige. From the materials and design of the tree, which guarantee greater quality of movement and comfort for the horse, to a proprietary cushioning system that reduces impact on the rider, Prestige’s features make their saddles exceptional. 

Popular Products

Prestige offers a full line of saddles, including the Prestige Dressage Saddle and Prestige Eventing Saddle. The brand also offers Prestige bridles, such as the popular E80, and hunter bridles. Don’t miss the Prestige Versaille saddle, with its gorgeous printed leather and the Prestige X-Optimax Dressage Saddle, which brings you as close as possible to the horse. 

What Others Are Saying

“I can’t get enough of my new Prestige bridle because not only does it fit my horse like a glove, but the quality is by far the best I can find and it’s soooo pretty!” - Maddy K.

“I will never ride in another saddle other than my Prestige X-Optimax. The fit is impeccable for both me and my horse, I feel extra supported over bigger jumps”. -Kathy J.