Good, Better and Best Gear for Kid

We all started horseback riding lessons knowing nothing with parents who needed to learn the necessities in a hurry. We’ve talked to our young riders and their parents and put together the perfect list of essentials that your child will need at their first horseback riding lesson.

We’ve organized the products so it will be easy to shop through and pick what will be best. Below you’ll find the essential horse riding apparel and tack your child will need to get started. We’ve broken down everything from helmets to breeches to boots into “good, better, and best” to help you decide what is right for your child.

Whether you’re looking to outfit your child for their first lesson or they’re simply outgrowing their riding gear, find everything you need below.

Horse Riding Helmets for Kids

The most essential piece of equipment your child will need for riding lessons is their own helmet. Some riding schools offer the use of school-owned helmets, and this is great for a starter lesson to make sure your child is going to stick with it. However, after that, we think it’s money well invested to get your child their own helmet instead of using one provided by and used by other students at the school. A helmet that fits your child properly. A helmet that properly fits your child's head is the best investment you can make to ensure their safety.

How to Measure Your Kid's Head for a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is an important safety precaution for horse riding because the purpose of a helmet is to protect your head in the case of an accident. Head trauma is a leading cause of fatality in horseback riding accidents. Wearing a horse riding helmet, one that fits you properly, significantly decreases your chances of a head injury

Measure Your Head for a Helmet

Kids Jodhpurs

Most children start out in jodhpurs or paddock boots, so they are most comfortable in a pair of jodhpurs. The paddock boots are worn with socks, the jodphurs come along the exterior of the paddock boot and fasten with an elastic strap in front of the heel to hold the pants down while riding. 

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Kids English Saddles

Buying a saddle for your child is an investment in your child's development as a rider and should not be taken lightly. Not every saddle is designed for the young rider, a saddle that is too big will leave your child struggling to find their balance, leaving their leg and upper body unstable. A saddle that is too small may correct the rider's leg but the balance is still an issue, and the leg is often in the wrong position pushing the rider backward or forwards in the saddle. Here are three saddles that we recommend for kids.

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How to Measure for an English Saddle

Your saddle is the connection between you and your horse. An improperly-fitting saddle can make your ride uncomfortable and can cause sores to develop on your horse. When selecting a saddle, you want to choose one that is suitable to your riding discipline and is a good fit for both you and your horse. An English saddle is a bit different from Western saddles, so it’s important to know the proper way to measure and fit one. This guide will provide you with the information you need to measure an English saddle for an optimal riding position for comfort and effectiveness.

Measure for an English Saddle
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