Riding Helmets

Browse our selection of horse riding helmets by Samshield, KASK, One K, Ovation, Charles Owen, and more. No matter what your riding discipline or skill level, horseback riding helmets are essential for staying safe as you ride and perform. Protect yourself with a high-quality riding helmet that fits your style and budget. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

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Stay Safe with Top-Quality Horseback Riding Helmets

 Surprisingly, more hospital visits are a result of horse riding accidents than motorcycle accidents. Horses, even well-trained ones are prone to unpredictable behavior. If a horse gets spooked, an accident often follows. Because the majority of serious equestrian injuries are head injuries, helmets are essential. 

Designed especially for equestrian use, horseback riding helmets are made to cover a sufficient area of your head in the case of an accident. They’re also made of technical materials that absorb shock to prevent head trauma. At the same time, modern horse riding helmets feature low-profile styling, are lightweight, and are ventilated for comfort. Detachable inner padding tailors the fit and allows you to maintain cleanliness.

 If you’re unsure what size helmet you need, check out our helmet measuring guide

Having trouble deciding what type or size of helmet you need? Give us a call at 864-457-3557. Our shop’s team is made up of experienced English riders who have a thorough understanding of helmet safety, sizing, and the products we carry.