Shop the best selection of Veredus Boots, including Veredus Carbon Gel Boots, Olympus Boots, Vento Boots, and more. Veredus offers the most technically advanced anatomically designed horse boots on the market, ensuring your horses' legs are protected. Get free shipping on all orders over $50.

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Veredus equestrian products offer the utmost in horse leg protection. Using advanced technology and attention to detail, Veredus horse boots ensure your horses' legs are well cared for. This brand’s line of anatomically designed boots is the best available on the market and has the perfect horse boot for every discipline.

Why You’ll Love Veredus

Besides being high quality and anatomically-designed for your horse’s supreme comfort, Veredus uses a material called TECHNO Sheepskin instead of real sheepskin. This material is easily washed and quick-drying. It will not mat or get stiff, and ensures that the fit stays soft and cushiony. 

Popular Products

The Veredus Vento Carbon Gel Open Front Boot offers double venting with the highest level of impact protection using Carbon Nitrexgel and features the brand’s TECHNO Sheepskin. The Veredus Olympus Open Front Boot and Veredus Olympus Ankle Boot are highly popular for jumpers, since their technology, materials, and design ensure optimal support, freedom of movement, and comfort for the horse. The Veredus TR PRO Fetlock Boot hind boot, providing excellent protection with greatly reduced thickness and weight, is also a favorite. 

What Others Are Saying

“Really happy with these boots. Fit well and are comfortable on the inside. One spoiled boy” - Melinda

“Very good! Very happy with these! Great quality! EXCELLENT, WORTH THE MONEY. MAYBE TOO EXPENSIVE. No regrets. Super comfortable and easy to clean! Excellent fit!" - Tricia C.