Tucci Tall Boots

Franco Tucci Riding Boots, - known world wide for quality and style. Farm House Tack now carries the Tucci Marilyn, Harley & Galileo Tall Boots. Slip into a pair of Tucci Boots today at Farm House Tack.

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Why We Love Tucci Boots

Tucci’s attention to detail is impeccable. You’ll be amazed at the level of quality and styling in a Tucci boot. In addition to the beautiful made-in-Italy craftsmanship, Tucci’s proprietary T-Grip technology increases grip and adherence by an average of 70%, improving performance. Wearing a Tucci tall boot is almost like wearing a custom boot. The brand’s use of advanced CAD technology and anatomical handmade wooden molds ensures a perfect fit and supreme comfort.

Popular Products

We carry three of the most popular styles of Tucci boots, including the Tucci Galileo Field Boot with toe cap, the Tucci Sofia Boot, which is perfect for hunters and jumpers, and the Tucci Harley Field Boot with extra ankle support. 

What Others Are Saying

"My Sofia’s were so easy to break in! One ride and it was like I’d been wearing them for a year. Never worn a boot that looks this good!” - Courtney F.

"These are the best high end boot on the market because not only is the leather soft and supple, but it’s also durable! They hold up great for showing and daily riding.” - Quinn.