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riders wear airbag jackets at competition

3 Best Equestrian Airbag Jackets

by Michelle Drum January 20, 2022

When competing, riders should wear a proper equestrian jacket, and that’s where airbag jackets come in. These 3 equestrian airbag jackets maintain the sleek and fitted look of an equestrian jacket, while providing room for an air vest underneath.
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Ladies in Horse Riding Breeches

10 Best Horse-Riding Breeches

by Michelle Drum January 12, 2022

More goes into finding the right breeches than you might think. Here’s what to look for and our recommendations for the best riding breeches to choose from.
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Equestrian jumping saddle

10 of the Best English Jumping Saddles

by Michelle Drum January 06, 2022

A properly-fitting saddle maximizes comfort for both you and your horse and aids performance by sending clear communication from you to your horse. Different kinds of saddles are designed for different riding disciplines, each with features that help you handle the requirements and skills involved in each discipline.English jumping saddles are specifically made for hunter, [...]
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Ariat Tall Riding Boots

Ariat Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, & Styles

by Michelle Drum January 05, 2022

A good riding boot is an essential part of any equestrian’s equipment. Boots serve a necessary function, helping you to perform at your peak while remaining safe in the saddle. Riding boots are an investment that you expect to last for many years, so purchasing a quality boot with a brand you trust is important. In [...]
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Ariat women's shoes

Ariat Women’s Shoe Size, Fit, and Style Guide

by Michelle Drum December 16, 2021

Comfortable, stylish footwear is just as important when you’re off the horse as on. We've rounded up some of our favorite Ariat women's shoes and broken down sizing so you can find your perfect pair.
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Waterproof riding boots

11 Best Waterproof Riding Boots

by Michelle Drum December 13, 2021

True horse lovers are out riding, rain or shine, without question. You need the right gear on those rainy days to keep you dry and comfortable, so waterproof horse riding boots are a must. Here are some of our favorites that we’re sure you’ll love, too.
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Equestrian wearing MIPS horse riding helmet

4 of the Best MIPS Horse Riding Helmets

by Michelle Drum December 07, 2021

Helmets keep us safe in the saddle, and MIPS technology is designed to keep us even safer. In this post, we’ll share our top picks for MIPS horse riding helmets — the latest in equestrian head safety technology.
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riding a horse in the winter

6 Best Winter Riding Breeches

by Michelle Drum December 02, 2021

Breeches play an important role in rider safety in the saddle as well as providing an additional mode of communication with the horse. And at no time are quality breeches more important than wintertime, due to inclement weather. In this article, we’ll share what you need to know about the best winter riding breeches.
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New Equiline Airvest Compatible Show Jackets

New Equiline Airvest Compatible Show Jackets

by Michelle Drum December 02, 2021

Equestrian airbag safety vests have been around for several years, first gaining popularity with our combined training riders for extra protection while riding cross country. In 2021 we saw them explode onto the equestrian scene in nearly every discipline. In 2022 we will see competition show jackets catch up to this potentially life-saving technology.
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