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Running Martingales Provide Precise Control 


A running martingale is a piece of training equipment that allows quicker delivery of the release signal to the horse. Running martingales come in a variety of types, with the most common being the standing and the running. Both types are used to prevent the horse from throwing his or her head too high by placing pressure on the horse’s head.  


The running martingale is made up of a main strap that divides into two separate straps after it passes between the horse’s front legs. A metal ring is located at the end of each strap for the reins to pass through. The martingale is kept in place by a neck strap or breastplate. It’s recommended to use rein stops with a running martingale to prevent the martingale from getting caught on the bit ring or buckles. 


 It’s important to note that a martingale, even with rein stops, can still cause harm if it’s adjusted too short when the horse is bucking, since the pressure on the horse’s mouth would be too great. For this reason, running martingales have been banned by some event and show governing organizations. 


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