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Happy Mouth Bit is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and is the top pick of many customers who prioritize their horse’s comfort. This brand offers a full range of horse bits, including snaffle bits, gag bits, pelham bits, dressage weymouths, kimberwicks, and hackamore bits. You’re sure to find the perfect Happy Mouth Bit for your horse.

Why You’ll Love Happy Mouth Bits

Happy Mouth Bit produces bits that are comfortable for the horse. Polymer-covered mouthpieces with an apple scent encourage horses to accept the bit. The company has also introduced innovations like copper to improve the comfort of the horse. Happy Mouth bits are gentle and easy, making them live up to their name!

Popular Products

So many of Happy Mouth’s products are popular that it’s impossible to describe them all here. But a particular favorite is the Happy Mouth Mullen Bit, which combines the nose and poll pressure control of a hackamore with the stopping power of a gag bit, so the pressure is dispersed over the horse's nose and head as well at the mouth. The Happy Mouth Copper Roller Bit is another favorite, which uses 99.9% pure copper in the center of the mouthpiece, increasing bit acceptance (Pure copper is a soft, warm metal, and the taste of copper encourages horses to salivate and keep a moist mouth.) 

What Others Are Saying

Farmhouse was a great company to get this bit from. I had been wanting to try this piece for quite some time, and I finally jumped on it this summer. My horse has such a better and happier response to this bit, and I was very happy with the customer service I received. I will be purchasing other bits from them in the future!

My horse is so soft with his Happy Mouth Full Cheek Double Jointed Bit, he really is so much happier. - Stephanie W.