8 Best Summer Horse Riding Outfits from Ariat

8 Best Summer Horse Riding Outfits from Ariat

As the summertime approaches and temperatures heat up, it’s time to start looking at your wardrobe to see if you have the right attire to stay comfortable! Experienced equestrians know that what you wear affects your performance. Fortunately, there are a wide array of fabrics that are designed to keep you cool and dry while protecting you from the sun. Here are some of our favorite summer horse riding outfits by a much-beloved brand here at the Farm House: Ariat.

What To Wear (and What Not To Wear) When Horseback Riding in Summer

Before we jump right into our favorite summer outfits, let’s take a moment for practical matters. When you’re planning your summertime riding wardrobe, you’ll need to consider not only the pieces you will wear, but also the fabrics they’re made of. It’s time to swap out heavier winter fabrics like wool for lighter and cooler fabrics with technology designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. You may be tempted to ride in shorts when summertime temperatures really heat up, but don’t. Horseback riding in shorts isn’t a good idea for a number of reasons, including chafing on the leather saddle and because you lose the gripping aspect of breeches to keep you safe in the seat. Whether you’re casual riding or going to a show, it’s important to have summertime horse riding outfits that are designed both to be comfortable and to keep you safe.

Summertime Horse Riding Outfits

Summer equestrian outfits need to offer the same qualities that you look for at any other time of the year, including freedom of mobility, comfort, and durability. In the hot weather, making sure your clothes offer protection from the heat and sun is paramount for comfort. The following options offer the latest technology, and some of the summer riding shirts even have the ability to cool a rider down! Here are some of our favorite Ariat options for summertime riding.

1. Ariat Women’s Laguna Short Sleeve Top ($29.95)

Ariat women's laguna shirt

This Ariat tee may be all you need for summer horse riding. It offers a variety of summer necessities, including UV sun protection, moisture-wicking, and cooling technology. Plus, it’s a cute top with a flattering style, and it’s oh, so soft. Welcome to your next perfect shirt!

The Laguna top is also available in a sleeveless cut and for children.

2. Ariat Women’s EOS Full Seat Tight ($109.95)

Ariat women's EOS tight

What’s better for casual riding, schooling, and lessons in the summer than a comfy full seat tight? This one feels like your favorite yoga pants with a sleek and shapely fit. It has compressive fabric with cooling technology to keep you comfortable all summer. And the well-placed pockets on the thighs with a zippered pocket at your lower back are the height of convenience for summertime practice and casual rides.

3. Ariat Women’s Heritage Breeze Zip Paddock Boot ($149.95)

Ariat Heritage Breeze Paddock Boot

The Ariat Breeze Paddock Boot may just be the perfect summertime boot for casual riding. It’s a performance boot made with washable full-grain leather for easy maintenance, and it looks great on the trail, in the stable, or out on the town. The lining is breathable and moisture-wicking — great for summertime use. And there’s a padded collar at the topline for comfort all day long.

Check out our 6 favorite Ariat Paddock Boots.

Summertime Show Outfits

Summer riding can be a challenge when temperatures soar, but there’s no more important time for great summer wear than when you’re competing. When all eyes are on you, you want to be calm, cool, collected, and look your very best. These summertime horse show outfits have got you covered!

4. Ariat Women’s Auburn Long Sleeve Show Shirt ($109.95)

Ariat women's Auburn shirt

You still want to look good on the summer show circuit, and the Ariat Auburn Show Shirt has got all the right moves! It has a flattering raglan style with cooling technology, perforated panels for maximum breathability, and a crisp, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. This top shirt also offers odor control and UPF 50+ to keep you protected from the sun.

5. Ariat Women’s ShowStopper 3.0 Short Sleeve Show Shirt ($79.95)

Ariat women's show stopper shirt

If you’d prefer short sleeves for your summertime competitions, this show shirt pulls out all the stops. Don’t let the fun pattern and diamond flare fool you; this top has all of the technology you want for summertime riding. The fabric has cooling technology that can reduce skin temperature by up to 5°F. It’s also moisture-wicking, inhibits the growth of bacterial odors to keep you cool and fresh, and protects you from UV rays to keep you cool and happy all summer long.

6. Ariat Women’s Artico Exhale Show Coat ($299.95)

Ariat Artico show coat

This show coat is a fan favorite because it features the lightest mesh material you’ll find anywhere, with a lovely polished look for the show ring. The material is not only breathable, but also moisture-wicking. It’s made of a performance mesh stretch fabric that always looks fantastic.

7. Ariat Women’s Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breech ($159.95)

Ariat women's tri-factor breeches

Your search for the perfect breech stops right here with this one! Its innovative compression fabric is infused with cooling technology perfect for summer competition, and the silicone grip provides extra staying power in the seat. What’s more, it can actually reduce skin temperature by up to 5°F! The fabric is a mid-weight stretch-knit that wicks moisture, slims the silhouette, and feels so comfortable. They come in tan, white, black, blue nights, and banyan bark.

They also come in a full seat breech

8. Ariat Women’s Ascent Tall Boot ($359.95)

Ariat Ascent tall boot

If you want to look sharp for summer competitions, this boot is where it’s at! It has a fierce new design with a breathable compressive fit that’s comfortable even in the hottest weather. And with its shock-absorbing midsole and outsole with traction zones, you know you’ve got a winner.

Find your perfect size with our Ariat Boot Sizing, Fit, and Style Guide or choose an Ariat sun shirt to keep you cool on summer rides.

Welcome Summer in Style and Comfort

Ride your best all summer long in these top riding outfits by Ariat. With their focus on craftsmanship, comfort, and technology to keep you cool, you’ll be the one to beat!

We carry a full line of Ariat equestrian wear. If you have any questions, give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re always glad to help.

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