Tailored Sportsman

Shop the best selection of Tailored Sportsman Breeches. Choose from favorites like Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Breeches and Tailored Sportsman Color Breeches. We also have a great selection of TS kids jodhpurs, ts jods, ts girls jodhpurs, and of course Icefill show shirts.

    Every rider knows the Tailored Sportsman brand. It’s gained a cult following thanks to the unique style and fit of its selection of breeches. Tailored Sportsman launched in the early 1970s with two styles of breeches that quickly became favorites of equestrians across the U.S. In the early 2000s, Susan and Van Isaacs, industry veterans and riders themselves, expanded the brand to other apparel categories, including sun shirts, belts, show jackets, and show shirts, adding over 40 different color choices. They took the company from a manufacturer of high-quality breeches to the equestrian apparel powerhouse it’s known as today. 

    The quality of Tailored Sportsman is incredibly high. Because the Isaacs have extensive experience in the garment industry (including DKNY, Burberry, Jones, and Christian Dior), they’re able to source the highest-quality materials based on their relationships. The leather they source comes from tanneries that also supply Hermes, Prada, and Armani. Every item that leaves their facility is inspected for quality and fit.

    Why You’ll Love Tailored Sportsman

    Tailored Sportsman’s following is largely a result of what makes its breeches unique. As the brand name implies, its clothing truly feels tailored to the individual rider. The breeches come in a variety of fits, including the famous Tailored Sportsman side-zip breeches and belted breeches, with various rise lengths to offer a perfect fit for a variety of body types. The breeches also come in a wide selection of colors, with new colors introduced each season. And Tailored Sportman’s shirts have become just as popular as its breeches, with the same custom-feeling fit.   

    Popular Products

    In addition to Tailored Sportsman’s classic mid-rise and low-rise Trophy Hunter breeches, which provide supreme comfort while riding, our customers love the brand’s sun shirts featuring IceFil fabric technology. The quilted leather belts are also popular. 

    What Others Are Saying

    “I love these breeches. It is rare to find breeches that are flattering, but these really are. They are durable & wash very well.” — FHT Customer

    “These breeches were the perfect shade of light grey!! Go with everything and the creme contrast on the ankle is adorable. Plus TS has the best and most flattering fit around.” - Jenna R.

    “Tailored Sportsman breeches will always be my favorite, especially with the new fabric (as in new in comparison to the pair I bought several years ago). Not only is the product wonderful, but the customer service at the Farm House is impeccable. I ordered 2 pairs of breeches and they had run out of the one pair in my size, and within a couple hours of me ordering, emailed me about this and I was able to get back to them quickly. Not only that, but the items arrived quickly and in very good condition.” —FHT Customer