9 Questions We're Frequently Asked About Ariat

9 Questions We're Frequently Asked About Ariat

There are a lot of great brands available for equestrian wear, and it can be challenging to choose which brand(s) you’re going to wear for essential horse riding clothing like bootsshirts, and breeches. You’ll need to balance quality, durability, and comfort with your budget to find what will work best for you. Here at the Farm House, we don’t just sell our products — we’re passionate about educating our customers about the brands that we love. Let’s take a deep dive into Ariat and answer the questions we’re most often asked about this top favorite brand.

1. Is Ariat a Good Boot Brand?

Ariat is a popular brand for all equestrian wear here at the Farm House, and Ariat is especially popular for boots and breeches. They’re an award-winning company that creates performance products with innovation and craftsmanship. They were actually the first company to integrate athletic footwear technology into their boots, and they have a long history of making quality boots for women, men, and children. When it comes to top equestrian boot brands, you can’t beat Ariat.

2. Can You Get Ariat Boots for Wide Feet?

Ariat offers two options for wide width: The Terrain and the Heritage IV paddock boot. Additionally, Ariat children’s boots come with a “secret weapon” of sorts — a removable insole that creates up to an additional half-size of wiggle room for growing feet. Ariat just may have thought of it all when it comes to comfort and making boots that will last.

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3. How Long Do Ariat Boots Last?

Ariat boots are some of the best boots available in terms of both comfort and durability. Given the company’s focus on superior craftsmanship, you can feel confident that your Ariat boots will stand the test of time. How long they last will depend on their use, of course. But you can expect them to last at least five years — often more. Some people have shared that they wore their Ariat boots for up to 15 years! Ariat boots may be at a higher price point than some boots you can purchase, but you’re paying for quality that will stand the test of time and hold up to any conditions.

4. What Is the Best Ariat Boot for Hunters?

Hunters usually wear dress boots. In the past, they often wore field boots, but over the last few years, most hunters have chosen dress boots for competitions. The Ariat Women’s Kinsley Dress Tall Riding Boot is a popular choice for hunters, dressage, jumpers, equitation, and event riders. 

Check out the Ariat boot guide for more information about Ariat boots.

5. What Is the Best Ariat Boot for Jumpers?

Historically, field boots were worn by jumpers. Over the last few years, English riders have migrated away from the laces field boots feature. However, it’s really a matter of personal preference, and there are a number of different Ariat tall boot styles to choose from. In the larger “A” shows, almost everyone will wear dress boots. And while jumpers may go either way for other competition levels, most opt to wear dress boots. 

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6. Are Ariat Boots Really Waterproof?

Yes, many of Ariat’s boots are waterproof — but not all. Ariat offers a line of waterproof boots for women, men, and children. Some are insulated for winter weather, and others are lighter. We have put many of these waterproof boots to the test and can confirm that they hold up! However, Ariat’s tall boots for competitions are not waterproof.  So if it’s a rainy day and you’re not competing, you might want to forego the tall boots and consider a pair of Ariat waterproof boots instead.

7. What Is Ariat’s Warranty?

The Ariat warranty states, “At Ariat, we guarantee all of our products to be free of defects, and we firmly stand behind everything we offer our customers.” If you are dissatisfied with an Ariat product you purchased at the Farm House, please contact us, and we can assist you with the return as an authorized retailer. Please note that this doesn’t include normal wear and tear, modifications, unauthorized repair, or failure to follow the care instructions provided.

8. Is Ariat Shirt Sizing Consistent from Year to Year?

Ariat offers an impressive selection of women’s shirts, including tees, sun shirts, and show shirts. One of their selling points is consistent sizing across all of their products. In fact, Ariat is committed to manufacturing consistency and proudly ensures they make it easy for customers to find the right fit the first time. Once you’ve found your shirt size, you can order others, feeling confident that they will fit perfectly.  Furthermore, Ariat’s commitment to high quality ensures your Ariat shirts will maintain their fit.

Check out our Ariat Women’s Shirt: Sizing, Fit, and Style Guide.

9. What’s the Best Way To Care for Ariat Boots?

A daily routine of caring for your boots is a good habit to create early on. Use a brush to knock off excess debris or dirt. Wipe off the boot with warm (not hot) water, then use saddle soap to remove stubborn dirt. For the finer details of perforated boots, use a soft nail brush or a toothbrush to reach down into the perforated leather or seams to remove any debris. When finished, wipe the boots using a clean warm (not hot) wet cloth, and let them dry in a cool, dry area. Once the boots are mostly dry, use a high-quality conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple. Ariat recommends that leather be treated like your skin: wipe off excess dirt, soap up, rinse the soap off, then condition your leather as you would lotion your skin to prevent cracking. 

Learn more: How to Clean and Care for Your Ariat Tall Boots.

You’ll Love Ariat Quality, Durability, and Comfort

Ariat is a much-beloved quality brand, and our staff and customers here at the Farm House can’t rave about them enough! Ariat products are among our top sellers at the shop, and for so many great reasons. We get a lot of customer interest in the brand, and a lot of questions, so we hope sharing these answers will help you come to love Ariat just as much as we do.

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