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Keep Cool with Ariat Sun Shirts

Equestrians often spend a lot of time outdoors, whether training, competing, or caring for horses. This prolonged exposure to the sun increases the risk of sun damage to the skin, and riding attire can leave large areas of the body, such as the arms, legs, and face, exposed to the sun. These areas are susceptible to sunburn, which can be painful, uncomfortable, and increase the risk of long-term skin damage.

Sun-protective shirts provide a reliable and long-lasting shield against UV rays that compound the protection topical sunscreen provides. By wearing equestrian sun shirts, riders can maintain healthier skin and reduce the risk of long-term sun damage–all while looking stylish and sophisticated.

That’s why Ariat has designed a complete line of sun shirts for equestrians with their proprietary Sun Protection Fabric™. These shirts are optimized for skin protection in all kinds of weather and are designed to suit a variety of styles.

How Ariat sun shirts protect you from sunburn

Ariat sun shirts are designed to keep you cool and dry while riding, but they also boast a sophisticated Sun Protection Fabric™ that helps block UV rays. Through a tight weave, UV absorption and reflection, and moisture-wicking technology, this proprietary fabric is a powerhouse at protecting riders from sunburn and sun damage.

Long sleeve sun shirts are best at providing maximum sun protection, but short-sleeved sun shirts can still offer a great deal of protection even when worn alone. Light-colored sun shirts help reflect UV light while darker sun shirts absorb UV rays. No matter which style you choose, however, all Ariat sun shirts keep you cool, dry, and protected from the sun.

5 light & airy sun shirts from Ariat

1. Ariat Women’s Sunstopper 2.0 1/4 Zip Baselayer Long Sleeve

Woman wearing Ariat Sunstopper 2.0 Lomg Sleeve Baselayer with horse print

Cost: $69.95
Colors: Aqua Foam Herd Print, Ashleigh Blue, Beetle Dot, Burnt Sienna Mirror Print, Charcoal Bit, Grey Camo Floral, Mosaic Blue Reflections, Pool Blue Oasis Print, Silver Sconce Dot

The Sunstopper baselayer is a stylish addition to your riding gear. Featuring breathable mesh panels and eye-catching prints, this sun shirt is sure to become a fast favorite. With Moisture Movement™ and AriatTEK® Heat Series technology, the Sunstopper sun shirt keeps you cool, dry, and protected against harmful UV rays.

2. Ariat Women’s Western VentTEK Stretch Shirt

Woman wearing button-down Ariat Western VentTEK Streatch Shirt with stripes

Cost: $68.95
Colors: Reata Serape, Sophia Leopard Print, Zia Print

Sun protection with a Western twist! Ariat’s VentTEK stretch shirt combines traditional Western details with sweat-wicking technology, ultra-breathable mesh panels, and sun protection for maximum comfort in the saddle. This versatile shirt is perfect for any kind of weather, but especially when the summer sun’s rays get too hot to handle.

3. Ariat Women’s Laguna Short Sleeve Baselayer

Women wearing light blue Ariat Laguna Short Sleeve Baselayer

Cost: $39.95
Colors: Lakeside, Nostalgia Rose, Zia Print

Perfect for layering or equestrians on the go, the Laguna short sleeve baselayer from Ariat is a must-have sun shirt. This lightweight v-neck can be worn alone or underneath other Ariat sun shirts to create a nearly impenetrable layer of sun protection, helping you stay cool and dry no matter the occasion.

4. Ariat Women’s Ascent Full Zip Baselayer

Woman wearing Ariat Ascent Full Zip in black

Cost: $144.95
Colors: Black, Navy

The full-zip Ascent top from Ariat is the ultimate top for equestrians, whether you’re working at the barn or headed to a show. This full-zip top features PostureTEK™ posture-prompting technology that helps keep you upright in the saddle and ClimateTEK™ technology for dynamic, temperature-regulated cooling in all kinds of weather. The Ascent top also features Ariat’s patented Sun Protection Fabric™ to protect riders from harmful UV rays while riding.

5. Ariat Women’s Ascent Crew Short Sleeve Baselayer

Woman wearing Ariat Ascent Crew Short Sleeve Baselayer in blue

Cost: $119.95
Colors: Navy, Black, Relic

The Ascent short-sleeve sun shirt is perfect to layer or wear alone. Mesh panels keep you cool while PostureTEK™ composition helps correct your posture while riding. This shirt boasts a UPF rating of 50 with Ariat’s proprietary Sun Protection Fabric™. FreshTEK™ fibers help combat odors so you can stay fresh even while riding in the height of summer.

6. Ariat Women’s Breathe 1/4 Zip Baselayer

Woman wearing Ariat Breathe 1/4 Zip Baselayer in light green

Cost: $99.95
Colors: Basil, Dusky Granite

Stay cool with a beautiful Breathe baselayer from Ariat. Designed to keep you comfortable in any kind of weather, the Breathe baselayer helps wick moisture away from your body while regulating your body temperature as you ride. With UPF 50+ sun protection, this baselayer has everything you need for those long summer rides.

Other ways to get your riding wardrobe summer-ready

Want to level up your summer riding wardrobe with clothing that keeps you cool and protected? Check out these Ariat staples!

1. Wear breathable riding breeches or leggings.

Ariat Women’s Breathe EOS Half Grip Tight

Ariat Women's Breathe EOS Half Grip Tight in black

Cost: $119.95
Colors: Black, Beetle

These Breathe tights from Ariat help keep you secure in the saddle and cool while riding in the summer heat. Perforations in the waist and calf allow for maximum breathability and ventilation, helping riders stay dry and comfortable for hours in the saddle.

2. Wear gloves to protect your hands from sunburn.

Ariat Adult Cool Grip Gloves

Ariat Adult Cool Grip Gloves in black

Cost: $39.95
Colors: Black

Sunburned hands are the worst! Keep your hands protected from UV rays with the Cool Grip gloves from Ariat. Designed with cooling fabric, these gloves will keep your hands cool and dry while also protecting them from sun damage.

3. Wear a breathable show coat.

Ariat Women’s Artico Exhale Show Coat

Woman smiling in Ariat Artico Exhale Show Coat in navy

Cost: $299.95
Colors: Navy, Heather Grey

Get summer show ready with this ultra-light show coat from Ariat. The Exhale show coat is designed to help keep you cool on hot show days while still providing a stylish silhouette. The perforated mesh fabric of this coat enhances breathability and helps riders stay dry while competing.

4. Wear a ventilated show shirt.

Ariat Women’s Aptos Vent Show Shirt

Woman next to brown horse wearing Ariat Aptos Vent Show Shirt

Cost: $64.95
Colors: White, Grey, Navy

The breathable mesh panels of the Aptos vent show shirt help keep riders cool during competitions and events on hot days. Pair this shirt with the Exhale show coat to create a comfortable, breathable, sophisticated show look.

Equestrians of any discipline can enjoy premium sun protection with these sun shirts from Ariat. Want more summer riding outfit inspiration? Check out these stylish and protective summer riding outfits from Ariat.

As the summer comes to an end and cooler weather approaches, choose from the best Ariat knit shirts for fall.

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