Ariat Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, & Styles

Ariat Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, & Styles

A good riding boot is an essential part of any equestrian’s equipment. Boots serve a necessary function, helping you to perform at your peak while remaining safe in the saddle.

Riding boots are an investment that you expect to last for many years, so purchasing a quality boot with a brand you trust is important. In this guide, we’re looking specifically at Ariat riding boots and share how to select the best boot for your needs and how to size your boots.

How to Select a Good Riding Boot

It’s important to select a boot made specifically for horse riding due to the safety features they include. Riding boots generally have a small heel with a smooth or lightly-textured sole to keep a rider’s foot from sliding through the stirrup. They also feature a sturdy toe box to protect the foot.

A good horse riding boot should fit you well, be durable and safe, and of course, be comfortable. There are many great boot brands to choose from, but a favorite of our team (who are all experienced riders) is Ariat. We highly recommend this brand.

Why Ariat Riding Boots

Founded in 1993, Ariat sprung from a woman’s great love of the competitive spirit and athleticism of the legendary racehorse, Secretariat. This horse is considered one of the greatest racehorses of all time, after a long and successful career that includes winning the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown. Secretariat’s big heart and competitive spirit sparked a desire in the founder, Beth Cross, to start a company named after him, and she became dedicated to making the best products available on the market today.

Ariat is an award-winning company that melds innovation with craftsmanship in every performance product they make. This company was the first to integrate athletic footwear technology into their boots, and they continue this innovative spirit with everything they do. Ariat offers a wide range of equestrian, outdoor, and work brands, and they are passionate about the quality of everything they make.

Ariat offers boots for men, women, and children so your entire family can be fitted for horse-riding boots with this trusted brand. They are sold at many fine horse-equipment suppliers, and Farm House Tack offers a wide assortment of Ariat boots.

Do Ariat Boots Run True To Size?

Ariat boots tend to run a bit larger than other boots. A good rule of thumb when fitting Ariat boots is that you should order a half-size smaller than your street shoe size. The size charts reflect this recommendation, and people generally agree that the suggested sizing is appropriate. While some say that Ariat boots have a similar fit to Nike, we find that the footbed is slightly more generous and the toe box is about the same as Nike, However, it’s a good idea to consult the size charts before making a purchase.

Ariat Boot Size Chart

Ariat makes a wide range of boots, including paddock boots and tall riding boots. Their sizing is categorized according to the two types. Paddock boots are fitted like regular shoes, so the size charts reflect a footwear size, whereas the tall boot size charts reflect this specific boot sizing.

Ariat Riding Boot Size Chart


Ariat Paddock Boot Size Chart

In order to try paddock boots on to determine the fit, put the boot on with the laces untied, and push your toes forward. You should feel some room behind your heel, and you should have room in the toe area of the boot. When you lace up the boots and test the fit and comfort by walking around, you will notice a small amount of movement in the heel — this is normal. The sole will feel very firm, but it will loosen with wearing.

Ariat women's paddock boots

If the boot is too loose in the instep, you can adjust the laces, or you may want to try a half-size smaller. If the boot offers too much or too little room between the toes and the heel of the boot, adjust a half-size up or down accordingly.

Children’s paddock boots should have a half-inch of growing room in the toe. Ariat includes a removable “Booster Bed” that can be used to extend the length of the boot for children. This gives them room to grow without providing so much room that a child will trip over the extra length.

Ariat kid's paddock boots

Ariat Men’s Paddock Boot Size Chart

Ariat Men's Paddock Boot Size Chart

Ariat Women’s Paddock Boot Size Chart

Ariat Women's Paddock Boot Size Chart

Ariat Kid’s Paddock Boot Size Chart

Ariat Kid's Paddock Boot Size Chart

Shop all Ariat Paddock Boots 

Ariat Tall Boot Size Chart

Tall boots require sizing for both your foot and your calf to ensure a comfortable fit in both areas. If it’s your first time to buy a pair of tall boots, we recommend trying on the boots attired in clothing that you may wear while riding to make sure they are comfortable when worn together.

You can select a boot size based on the size charts listed below. This helpful Ariat video walks you through the best way to size your calves, and how to ensure a comfortable and safe fit for your boots. 

Your boots are fitted properly if you have some room for slippage in the heel and when you place your thumb at the toe area and it fits comfortably.

Ariat Men's Tall Riding Boots

Ariat tall boots for kids also include the “Booster Bed” feature to give them room to grow and to extend the length of the boot. Just like with paddock boots, you will want to make sure you have at least a half-inch of “wiggle room” in the length of the boot to allow for their growth.

Ariat Kid's tall riding boots

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Ariat Men’s Tall Boot Size Chart

Ariat Men's Tall Riding Boot Size Chart

Ariat Women’s Tall Boot Size Chart

Ariat Women's Tall Riding Boot Size Chart

Ariat Kid’s Tall Boot Size Chart

Ariat Kid's Tall Riding Boot Size Chart

A Trusted Brand for Safety and Comfort

Horse riding boots can be a significant investment so you will want to make sure you purchase a reputable brand offering the necessary safety features. Ariat boots consistently perform and are extremely durable. This trusted brand has a twenty-five-year history of making quality boots that meld scientific innovation with superior craftsmanship. We proudly offer Ariat boots at The Farm House and recommend that you try them when selecting your next pair of horse riding boots.

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