Ariat Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, and Styles

Ariat Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, and Styles

A good riding boot is an essential part of any equestrian’s equipment. Boots serve a necessary function, helping you to perform at your peak while remaining safe in the saddle. Riding boots are an investment that you expect to last for many years, so purchasing a quality boot with a brand you trust is important. In this guide, we’re looking specifically at Ariat riding boots and what makes them the best choice for equestrians. We’ll share how to select the best boot for your needs and how to size your boots so you get the proper fit every time.

Are Ariat boots a good choice for equestrians?

Ariat riding boots are an excellent choice for new and experienced equestrians. Ariat is an award-winning company that melds innovation with craftsmanship in every product they make, including riding boots. They were the first to integrate athletic footwear technology into their boots, and they continue this innovative spirit with everything they do. 

The commitment to quality and performance that defines Ariat’s production process is deeply connected to the company’s origins. Founded in 1993 by Beth Cross, Ariat was inspired by the legendary racehorse Secretariat, whose competitive spirit and athleticism set him apart as one of the greatest racehorses of all time.

Winning prestigious races like the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown, Secretariat’s legacy fueled Cross’s desire to create a brand that embodies the same principles of excellence and dedication. Thus, Ariat was named in honor of this remarkable horse, with a mission to produce the best equestrian gear in the market, reflecting the founder’s passion for the sport and commitment to quality.

Patented features like 4LR (Four-Layer Rebound) technology, high-quality leather, and superior Duratread™ outsoles make Ariat riding boots incredibly comfortable and durable to wear for long barn days. Ariat offers boots for men, women, and children, so your entire family can be fitted for horse-riding boots with this trusted brand. 

Where are Ariat boots made?

Ariat is a US-based company that prides itself on sourcing high-quality leather from cattle ranches across the States, ensuring that the foundation of its products is rooted in local excellence and sustainability. Ariat boots are crafted in Mexico, China, Vietnam, and Italy. They are sold at many fine horse equipment suppliers, including the wide assortment available at the Farm House Tack.

Do Ariat boots run true to size?

Ariat boots tend to run a bit larger than other boots. A good rule of thumb when fitting Ariat boots is that you should order a half-size smaller than your street shoe size. The size charts reflect this recommendation, and people generally agree that the suggested sizing is appropriate. While some say that Ariat boots have a similar fit to Nike, we find that the footbed is slightly more generous and the toe box is about the same as Nike, However, it’s a good idea to consult the size charts before making a purchase.

Do Ariat boots stretch?

Yes, Ariat boots do stretch incrementally and break in the longer you wear them. However, you shouldn’t expect a drastic change in size over time. If the boots feel tight and uncomfortable when you first try them on, go up a size or half a size.

Are Ariat boots comfortable?

Ariat boots are some of the most comfortable riding boots available for equestrians. Ariat uses patented technology to help keep your feet comfortable, dry, and supported while you ride.

Ariat boot size charts

Ariat makes a wide range of boots, including paddock boots and tall riding boots. Their sizing is categorized according to the two types. Paddock boots are fitted like regular shoes, so the size charts reflect a footwear size, whereas the tall boot size charts reflect this specific boot sizing. We’ll break down the sizing for each type of riding boot below.

Ariat Riding Boot Size Chart


Ariat paddock boot size charts

In order to find the best fit for paddock boots, put the boot on with the laces untied, and push your toes forward. You should feel some room behind your heel, and you should have room in the toe area of the boot. When you lace up the boots and test the fit and comfort by walking around, you will notice a small amount of movement in the heel — this is normal. The sole will feel very firm, but it will loosen with wearing.

If the boot is too loose in the instep, you can adjust the laces, or you may want to try a half-size smaller. If the boot offers too much or too little room between the toes and the heel of the boot, adjust a half-size up or down accordingly.

Ariat women's paddock boots

Children’s paddock boots should have a half-inch of growing room in the toe. Ariat includes a removable “Booster Bed” that can be used to extend the length of the boot for children. This gives them room to grow without providing so much room that a child will trip over the extra length.

Ariat kid's paddock boots

Ariat men’s paddock boot size chart

Ariat Men's Paddock Boot Size Chart

Ariat women’s paddock boot size chart

Ariat Women's Paddock Boot Size Chart

Ariat kid’s paddock boot size chart

Ariat Kid's Paddock Boot Size Chart

Shop all Ariat Paddock Boots 

Ariat tall boot size charts

Tall boots require sizing for both your foot and your calf to ensure a comfortable fit in both areas. If it’s your first time buying a pair of tall boots, we recommend trying on the boots while wearing the breeches you intend to wear while riding to make sure they are comfortable when worn together. Your boots are fitted properly if you have some room for slippage in the heel and when you place your thumb at the toe area and it fits comfortably.

Ariat Men's Tall Riding Boots

Ariat tall boots for kids also include the “Booster Bed” feature to give them room to grow and to extend the length of the boot. Just like with paddock boots, you will want to make sure you have at least a half-inch of “wiggle room” in the length of the boot to allow for their growth.

Ariat Kid's tall riding boots

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You can select a boot size based on the size charts listed below.

Ariat men’s tall boot size chart

Ariat Men's Tall Riding Boot Size Chart

Ariat women’s tall boot size chart

Ariat Women's Tall Riding Boot Size Chart

Ariat kid’s tall boot size chart

Ariat Kid's Tall Riding Boot Size Chart

9 of our favorite Ariat boots

Need some recommendations to get started? Here are some of our favorite riding boots by Ariat that we readily recommend.

Favorite Ariat boots for women

1. Ariat Women’s Heritage Contour II Field Zip Tall Riding Boot ($359.95)

Best field boot for women

Black lace-up field tall boot

These field boots are some of Ariat’s most comfortable boots yet. The Heritage Contour boots feature a moisture-wicking sock liner, supportive 4LR™ technology, and an ultra-contoured fit through the ankle make these the perfect boots for all day wear.

2. Ariat Women’s Heritage Breeze Zip Paddock Boot ($159.95)

Best washable paddock boot for women

Black zip-up paddock boot

These paddock boots feature a super soft, full grain leather upper that is completely washable, making these a breeze to keep clean. They’re highly durable and waterproof as well, so these paddock boots are the perfect partner for all situations.

3. Ariat Women’s Kendall Pro Paddock Boot ($199.95)

Best everyday paddock boot for women

Black zip-up paddock boot

For paddock boots with a step up in performance, look no further than the Ariat Kendall Pro Paddock Boots. These boots feature an ATS® lightweight forked shank for enhanced support to last you all day. 

Favorite Ariat boots for men

4. Ariat Men’s Heritage Contour Field Zip ($369.95)

Best tall field boot for men

Black lace-up tall boot

The Heritage Field Boot is a widely popular tall riding boot for all manner of equestrians for good reason. These boots are stunning, perfectly fitted right out of the box, and extremely comfortable for long competition days.

5. Ariat Men’s Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boot ($169.96)

Best everyday paddock boot for men

Black zip-up paddock boot

The Heritage paddock boots for men are built to last. Featuring shock-absorbing, built-in heel cushions for added comfort, equestrians can wear these all day around the barn and during long schooling sessions.

6. Ariat Men’s Ascent Waterproof Paddock Boot ($189.95)

Best waterproof paddock boot for men

Black slip-on waterproof paddock boot with blue and black tab on tongue of shoe

These paddock boots are the most innovative paddock boots Ariat has to offer. The Ascent paddock boots feature the patented Waterproof PRO™ construction with an impermeable barrier to keep your feet completely dry all day long.

Favorite Ariat boots for children

7. Ariat Kid’s Heritage Contour Field Zip ($279.95)

Best tall riding boot for kids

Black lace-up field tall boot for a child

Don’t forget the younger equestrians! Ariat offers their best selling Heritage Field Boot for kids with added features like a removable insole and elastic gussets for growing feet.

8. Ariat Kid’s Scout Zip Paddock Boot ($89.95)

Best everyday paddock boot for kids

Black zip-up paddock boot for kids

The Scout paddock boots by Ariat are extremely versatile for kiddos who spend all day at the barn. With added stability and support in the footbed, these boots provide ample comfort for growing feet.

9. Ariat Kid’s Devon IV Paddock Boot ($109.95)

Best paddock boot for growing feet

Black zip-up paddock boot for kids

These gorgeous paddock boots are perfect for competing and training. With a removable insole that creates up to an additional half size of wiggle room for growing feet, these paddock boots are guaranteed to last several seasons.

A trusted brand for safety and comfort

Horse riding boots are a significant investment, so you want to ensure they’re comfortable, durable, and safe. With numerous brands available, making the right choice can seem daunting. Ariat stands out as a reputable brand with a strong legacy of producing high-quality boots that exceed expectations. Not to mention, they’re a favorite of our experienced riding teams. 

At The Farm House, we proudly feature Ariat boots, confident in their ability to meet and exceed the expectations of riders at all levels. We encourage you to consider Ariat when choosing your next pair of horse riding boots.

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