18 Best Horse Riding Jackets – 2023

18 Best Horse Riding Jackets – 2023

Horse riding jackets are an iconic component of equestrian competition apparel, offering a blend of protection, comfort, and a touch of elegance. If you live in a location with cold winters, a winter horse riding jacket is a necessity. But whether you’re a casual rider or a competitor, it can be challenging to narrow your options down.  In this guide, we’ll highlight 18 of the best horse riding jackets that we offer here at the Farm House. You’re sure to find the perfect jacket for you in this robust list.

Our 18 top riding jacket picks

Best Winter Riding Jackets
Best Wind-Resistant Jacket  Ariat Ideal Down Jacket
Best Merino Wool Jacket Kerrits Stable Temp Jacket 
Best Puffer Jacket Equiline Elannae Padded Jacket 
Best Long Down Jacket Ariat Women’s Ideal Down Coat
Best Casual Winter Jacket  Equiline GlossiG Eco-Fur Jacket
Best Lightweight Riding Jackets
Best Technical Jacket Ariat Prowess Jacket 
Best Fleece Jacket Ariat Bess Full Zip Sweatshirt
Best Lightweight Down Jacket Equiline Elsabe Light Down Jacket
Best Performance Jacket Ariat Venture ½ Zip Sweatshirt
Best Riding Jackets for Rainy Weather 
Best Packable Rain Jacket Ariat Packable H2O Jacket
Best Waterproof Jacket Kerrits Waterproof Jacket
Best Breathable Waterproof Jacket Ariat Spectator Waterproof Jacket
Best Show Jackets
Best Show Coat for All Disciplines R.J. Classics Victory Show Coat
Best Statement Show Coat Samshield Victorine Crystal Fabric Jacket
Best Lightweight Show Coat Samshield Victory Air Competition 
Best Men’s Riding Jackets
Best Men’s Water Resistant Jacket Ariat Men’s Spectator H2O Jacket
Best Classic Men’s Riding Jacket Barbour Classic Bedale Wax Jacket
Best Men’s Down Jacket Equiline Men’s Elmere Light Down Jacket

Best winter horse riding jackets

When the winter is packing a punch, you’ll want a heavier jacket with insulation to keep your core nice and toasty. These jackets will check off all of your boxes to keep you happy and warm.

1. Ariat Women’s Ideal Down Jacket ($139.95)

Best Wind-Resistant Jacket

Ariat Women's Ideal Down Jacket in green

Best features:

  • EcoDry™ water-repellent finish
  • Wind resistant
  • Interior pockets

This jacket has rightfully earned its reputation for its versatility and dependable warmth. Its striking quilted design seamlessly integrates with responsibly sourced down insulation, ensuring unwavering protection against the elements. Even better? The Ideal Down Jacket features exceptional wind and water resistance as well as outstanding breathability. Wear it riding, at shows, or working in the barn–no matter what, you’ll be comfortable.

2. Kerrits Women’s Stable Temp Merino Wool Jacket ($129.00)

Best Merino Wool Jacket

Kerrits Women's Stable Temp Merino Wool Jacket in red

Best features:

  • Merino wool
  • Four-way stretch comfort
  • Moisture-wicking

Stay warm and cozy in this soft wool jacket from Kerrits. The quick-drying, breathable, and moisture-wicking Merino wool blend keeps you comfortable while featuring just enough spandex for a 4-way stretch. The full-zip jacket also features a high collar which helps seal in your body heat on extra chilly days. This jacket is also easy to wear over a base layer or underneath a heavier jacket for extra insulation.

3. Equiline Elannae Padded Jacket ($399.00)

Best Puffer Jacket

Equiline Elannae Padded Jacket in brown

Best features:

  • Medium weight
  • Quilted nylon
  • Machine washable

The Elannae Padded Jacket is the perfect puffer for everyday use in fall and winter. Featuring an attractive quilted nylon outer shell, this jacket helps keep the cooler temps at bay while you ride or work around the barn. The stand-up collar with top snap closure has your back on particularly windy days. Best of all? It’s machine washable!

4. Ariat Women’s Ideal Down Coat ($139.95)

Best Long Down Jacket

Ariat Women's Ideal Down Coat in navy

Best features:

  • Down fill
  • EcoDry™ finish
  • Wind resistant

No more chilly days in the barn! The Women’s Ideal Down Coat by Ariat is aptly named because it is designed to keep winter’s chill at bay. This 700 down-fill jacket reaches down to mid-thigh, ensuring you stay warm all day. Superior wind resistance and EcoDry™ finish keep you snuggly warm and dry even when it’s snowing.

5. Equiline Women’s GlossiG Eco-Fur Jacket With Hood ($415.00)

Best Casual Winter Jacket 

Equiline Women's GlossiG Eco-Fur Jacket in black

Best features:

  • Bomber style
  • Hood
  • 2-way zip

The GlossiG faux fur jacket effortlessly complements any ensemble with sophistication and timeless elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this plush bomber-style hooded jacket features distinctive hood ties, a premium 2-way zipper, secure snap closures, convenient zip pockets, and stylish cuff sleeves. It’s the epitome of fashion-forward versatility.

Best lightweight horse riding jackets

If you need a light layer on a cool, crisp fall or spring day, these jackets will be just what you need to stay cozy.

6. Ariat Prowess Jacket ($249.95)

Best Technical Riding Jacket

Ariat Prowess Jacket in black

Best features:

  • EcoDry™ water-resistant finish
  • Cool Climate Insulation™
  • Three-layer stretch

The Prowess jacket is an essential addition to your riding gear collection. This jacket combines lightweight warmth with a water-resistant finish, a convenient two-way front zipper, and rear saddle vents, making it the perfect choice for chilly rides. Not to mention the handy tech pocket, ensuring your phone is within reach while you’re on the move. Designed for dedicated riders, the Prowess Jacket features a three-layer stretch fabric for optimal flexibility and a host of technological features that transform riding in challenging weather conditions into a seamless experience.

7. Ariat Women’s Bess Full Zip Sweatshirt ($124.95)

Best Fleece Jacket

Ariat Women's Bess Full Zip Sweatshirt in navy

Best features:

  • Modern shawl collar
  • Cropped body length
  • Available in attractive colors

The Bess Full Zip Sweatshirt by Ariat is incredibly warm and cozy. Available in two beautiful blue hues, this fleece jacket is extremely stylish for any occasion. The two-way zip and cropped body length make riding in this jacket supremely comfortable. The fleece shell has a soft feel and keeps you warm on those autumn rides.

8. Equiline Women’s Elsabe Light Down Jacket ($329)

Best lightweight down riding jacket

Equiline Women's Elsabe Light Down Jacket in light tan

Best features:

  • Ultra-light
  • Quilted pattern
  • Multiple colors

The stunning Elsebe lightweight feather bomber jacket is your perfect companion for staying warm and cozy whether you’re in the saddle or out on the town during seasonal transitions. With its ergonomic design, featuring handy side pockets, an inner pocket, elastic waist and sleeves, and a versatile 2-way zipper, this jacket is tailored for everyday wear, offering both style and practicality.

9. Ariat Women’s Venture 1/2 Zip Sweatshirt ($88.95)

Best Performance Jacket

Best features:

  • Watch window
  • Thumbholes
  • Cool Climate Insulation™

The Ariat Venture 1/2 Zip has been meticulously crafted with AriatTEK® technology and Cool Climate Insulation to ensure superior comfort and warmth. The watch window allows you to access your wearable tech while you ride. Thumbholes allow you to keep your sleeves secure while layered or under gloves. 

Best waterproof and water-resistant horse riding jackets

When it’s raining out, you’ll want a jacket that will keep you warm and dry, so you can enjoy your ride safely and comfortably. Here are some great options.

10. Ariat Women’s Packable H2O Jacket ($139.95)

Best Packable Rain Jacket

Ariat Women's Packable H2O Jacket

Best features:

  • Breathable waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Packable

The Packable H20 Jacket is travel-ready. Its lightweight, waterproof nature allows for effortless rolling and packing, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever the elements may bring. Plus, it unpacks beautifully. It strikes a perfect balance between sporty style and exceptional functionality, making it an excellent companion for those living the active equestrian lifestyle. 

11. Kerrits Women’s Waterproof Jacket ($139)

Best Waterproof Jacket

Kerrits Women's Waterproof Jacket in black

Best features:

  • Waterproof
  • Long length
  • Detachable hood

Crafted for riders seeking both style and functionality, the Kerrit’s Waterproof Jacket is a lightweight, seam-sealed marvel that shields you from the harshest elements. Its stylish longer length provides ample coverage for your hips and upper thighs. The detachable hood is not only a practical feature but also showcases an extended brim and drawcord for added versatility. Additionally, the equestrian-shaped split-back hem can be unzipped for in-saddle coverage, ensuring comfort and protection during your rides.

12. Ariat Women’s Spectator Waterproof Jacket ($109.95)

Best Breathable Waterproof Jacket

Ariat Women's Spectator Waterproof Jacket with horse pattern

Best features:

  • Fully lined
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable

The Spectator Waterproof Jacket is a must-have for our equestrian enthusiasts and devoted families and friends of riders who stand ringside, regardless of the weather. This sturdy jacket, designed with waterproof fabric, ensures that the cheering squad remains dry and comfortable. Fully lined with an adjustable hood and cuffs, you’ll stay warm no matter the temperature.

Best show jackets

Your show jacket brings your entire competition look together, so it’s important to choose a great one! In addition to a good show jacket fit, you also want to make sure it adheres to the dress code of your particular riding discipline. Whether compete in dressage or show jumping events, these show coats and jackets will take you to the top.

13. R.J. Classics Victory Ladies’ Show Coat ($579)

Best Show Coat for All Disciplines

R.J. Classics Women's Victory Show Coat in navy

Best features:

  • UPF 50 sun protection
  • Premium Italian Jersey fabric
  • Wrinkle-free

The Victory Ladies’ Show Coat by R.J. Classics is a multi-disciplined wonder. This jacket features an unconstructed design, removing linings and shoulder pads to provide unparalleled freedom of movement. Crafted from premium imported Italian Jersey fabrics, it facilitates airflow between fibers for cooling, features eco-friendly construction, rapid drying capabilities, UPF 50 sun protection, resistance to pilling, and wrinkle-free properties that make it perfect for hassle-free travel. 

14. Samshield Womens Victorine Crystal Fabric Jacket ($830)

Best Statement Show Coat

Samshield Women's Victorine Crystal Fabric Jacket

Best features:

  • Stretchable fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Swarovski Crystal Fabric collar

The Victorine Crystal Fabric jacket is the ultimate show jacket. The collar is elegantly adorned with Swarovski Crystal Fabric, while discreetly concealed Swarovski buttons unveil an internal zipper, enhancing comfort and ensuring an impeccable fit. It also features a longer fan finish at the back and a shorter cut at the front, ensuring riders not only feel their best but also perform at their peak. Furthermore, this jacket is machine washable at 86F, making it incredibly easy to care for between shows.

15. Samshield Women’s Victory Air Competition Jacket ($738)

Best Lightweight Show Coat

Samshield Women's Victory Air Competition Jacket in Forest Green

Best features:

  • Lightweight
  • Sunblocking properties
  • Breathable

The Victory Air competition jacket stands as a featherweight, unlined masterpiece that seamlessly blends functionality with a touch of elegance and style. Its discreet leaf perforations along the side panels add a refined, understated finish. Crafted from high-stretch, breathable fabric, it not only shields you from the sun but also preserves the fabric’s quality. In this show jacket, you’ll look amazing and perform even better.

Best horse riding jackets for men

Our selection of horse riding coats for men features several fantastic options for all kinds of weather. Here are some of our favorite riding jackets for the fellas!

16. Ariat Men’s Spectator H2O Jacket ($104.95)

Best Men’s Water Resistant Jacket

Ariat Men's Spectator H2O Jacket in black

Best features:

  • EcoDry™ water-resistant finish
  • Breathable waterproof construction
  • Adjustable hood and cuffs

Whether working around the barn or watching competitions, the Men’s Spectator H20 Jacket is the perfect choice for staying dry. The adjustable hood and cuffs help you guard against wind and rain while the EcoDry™ water-resistant finish repels any moisture. With the Spectator H2O Jacket, you’ll barely notice the weather.

17. Barbour Classic Bedale Wax Jacket ($398)

Best Classic Men’s Riding Jacket

Men's Barbour Classic Bedale Wax Jacket

Best features:

  • Corduroy collar
  • 100% waxed cotton outer
  • Pure cotton lining

Barbour knows a thing or two about equestrian style. Crafted from a medium-weight waxed cotton exterior, the Classic Bedale Wax Jacket guarantees comfort while providing resilient weather protection. The jacket’s versatility is underscored by its two-way front zipper, fortified with sturdy stud fastenings to shield against wind and rain effectively. Winter essentials take form in the form of moleskin-lined handwarmer pockets and generously sized bellow pockets. The signature corduroy sit-down collar adds a touch of refinement, and it can be raised for extra weather protection, delivering a luxuriously soft sensation against the face and throat.

18. Equiline Men’s Elmere Light Down Jacket ($329)

Best Men’s Down Jacket

Equiline Men's Elmere Light Down Jacket in blue

Best features:

  • Ultra-light
  • Steel blue color
  • Feather padding 

The Equiline Men’s Elmere Light Down Jacket is remarkably lightweight and comfortable, complemented by its handsome steel blue hue that effortlessly pairs with any outfit. This bomber jacket isn’t just stylish but also keeps you warm and comfortable during seasonal shifts, whether you’re in the saddle or working in the barn. 

How to choose the best horse riding jacket

Riding jackets serve a wide variety of purposes, from keeping you warm and dry to adding a touch of elegance to your competition look. Here are some features to look for in specific riding jackets.

What to look for in winter horse riding jackets

For cold-weather riding, look for jackets with insulating properties. Merino wool, fleece, down, and down-alternative are all highly insulating materials designed to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. 

You should also consider whether the jacket can be comfortably worn over other layers, such as base layers or rain jackets, during colder or rainy weather. A hood, long body length, and even fleece or faux fur lining are also great features to look for in particularly cold climates.

What to look for in lightweight horse riding jackets

Lightweight riding jackets are ideal when the weather is cool, like chilly spring and fall mornings. When looking for the ideal lightweight riding jacket, keep an eye out for breathable materials like soft fleece or Merino wool. These materials help keep you warm while promoting airflow so you don’t overheat. Half-zip and full-zip are also good features of a lightweight riding jacket, allowing you to adjust coverage based on your comfort level.

What to look for in waterproof horse riding jackets

Don’t let a little rain stop you from enjoying your ride! Waterproof and water-resistant jackets are a must-have for every equestrian. When choosing between a waterproof or water-resistant jacket, you should understand the core functions of each. 

  • Water-resistant jackets provide limited protection against light rain and prioritize breathability. 
  • Waterproof jackets offer complete protection in heavy rain but are often less breathable. You might want to add one of each type to your riding wardrobe so you’re never caught unawares.

Wax riding jackets are also a great water-resistant option. Waxed riding jackets are typically made from cotton fabric that has been treated with a wax or wax-like substance. The wax treatment not only provides water resistance but also adds a protective layer to the fabric, making it more resistant to wear and tear. 

Waxed cotton is water-resistant, but it’s not as breathable as some modern technical fabrics. However, wax riding jackets are incredibly stylish and an excellent choice for light rain.

What to look for in a show jacket

Presentation is a huge part of any equestrian show and your show jacket plays a key role. Show jackets come in various styles, from traditional to modern. Choose a style that complements the type of riding you do and the specific discipline or event you’re participating in. 

Show jackets are often made from high-quality materials like wool, tweed, or technical fabrics. Wool is a traditional and elegant choice, while technical fabrics offer breathability and moisture-wicking properties.  Be sure to choose a show jacket that suits the climate and conditions of your event.

Whether you need a jacket for competition, or you want a jacket to ride during cooler or wet weather, we’ve got you covered with these crowd favorites. Don’t forget to pair these jackets with a great pair of winter riding breeches and winter riding boots for optimum warmth and comfort. 

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