12 Best Horse Riding Helmets (+2 Bonuses!)

12 Best Horse Riding Helmets (+2 Bonuses!)

Updated for 2022!

Finding a well-fitting horse riding helmet can be challenging since there’s no one standard for sizing and people have differently-shaped heads. First it is important to know how to properly size a helmet for comfort and safety reasons. After you identify the size you need, you’ll want to try a few helmets on to get a feel for the shape and fit of the ones you’re considering. In this guide, we’re reviewing our top horse riding helmet picks, so you can find the one that’s best for your riding needs.

Top Horseback Riding Helmets

KEP Cromo Matt Helmet $459.00 Hot Weather
One K Defender Avance Wide Brim Helmet $299.95 Oval Head
KASK Dogma Hunter Helmet $549.00 Round Head
KASK Dogma Shadow Star Lady Helmet $640.00 Women
Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet $608.00 Women
Charles Owen Halo Helmet with MIPS $540.00 English Riding
KEP Cromo Matt Polo Peak Helmet $539.00 English Riding
Samshield Black Shadowmatt Helmet $549.00 English Riding
One K MIPS CCS Helmet $325.00 English Riding
One K Defender Black Matte JR Helmet $224.95 Kids
IHR IR4G XLT Helmet $280.00 Kids
Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet $65.95 Schooling


Best Hot Weather Horse Riding Helmet

When you’re working up a sweat riding on a hot day, you need a performance helmet that will offer good ventilation and airflow for extra cooling. Here are some great options:

KEP Cromo Matt Helmet with Beige Harness – $459.00

KEP Cromo Matt Helmet With Beige Harness

The KEP Cromo Matt Helmet offers superior craftsmanship in an elegant design at a great price! On hot day days, this will be your go-to helmet. KEP Italia’s classic Air Control System and ventilation system ensures optimum internal temperature based on atmospheric conditions. Paired with internal Coolmax lining and a sun brim, this is a great helmet for summer days. Available in black the KEP Cromo is suited to all disciplines. 

Samshield Sun Visor – $99

Not a helmet, but this visor is another option that can be attached to the Samshield Shadowmatt or Premium helmets to offer additional protection for your face on sunny days. These visors are offered in one size that fits all helmet sizes.

Best for Cold Weather

When you’re bundled up for cold-weather riding, don’t forget your head! Adding a winter liner of fleece or synthetic fur can make a difference in your overall comfort.

Samshield Winter Helmet Liner – $79

Also not a helmet, this winter helmet liner is a great option to add for cold-weather riding. The Samshield winter helmet liner has an integrated “Windstopper” flap lined with synthetic fur. It provides protection against the wind and cold along with excellent breathability and can be used with Samshield Premium and Shadowmatt helmets.

Best Horse Riding Helmet for an Oval Head

Horse-riding helmet fit is important for comfort and safety, and finding a helmet that fits your head shape can be tricky. These helmets are a good place to start for oval-shaped heads.

One K Defender AVANCE Wide Brim Helmet – $299.95

One K Defender AVANCE Wide Brim Helmet

The One K Defender AVANCE Wide Brim Helmet takes everything you love about the One K Defender and adds a wide brim for superior sun protection. Having done numerous helmet fittings we’ve found this helmet is a great fit for riders with a more oval head shape. This helmet is certified to ATSM standards, is made from polycarbonate and advanced ABS composite outer shell. You’ll love the washable quick-dry, anti-microbial liner, Fastex buckle, and multiple vents on the side, top, and back. 

Best Horse Riding Helmet for a Round Head

There are two great brands that offer great options for round-shaped heads: Samshield and KASK. Their helmets tend to fit round heads well and the KASK helmet included in this article are good considerations. 

KASK Dogma Hunter Helmet – $549.00

KASK Dogma Hunter Helmet

This one-of-a-kind helmet offers modern technology with classical style. It has a patented self-adapting adjustment “FIT System” to provide a customized fit while offering the best safety level. The Dogma Hunter helmet also has a smart ventilation system with high-volume airflow and a matte frame in multiple colors. This premium helmet will not disappoint.

Best Women’s Horse Riding Helmet

There are many helmets designed in a unisex style, but some women may prefer a helmet design especially for them. KASK offers a number of helmets made specifically for women, and a great option is the KASK Dogma Shadow Star Lady Helmet. But the winner for this category has to be the Samshield Miss Shield, it’s rapidly become a favorite with female riders.

Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet – $608.00

Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet

Designed on the base of the classic Shadowmatt helmet, the Miss Shield Shadowmatt is equipped with a long visor and a customizable frontal band. Riders will enjoy exceptional ventilation and comfort. This helmet is equipped with a front air inlet that channels airflow to prevent sweating. The Miss Shield helmet has unmatched sizing, offering a perfect fit. You can ride with confidence knowing Samshield has used optimal materials for rider safety, the helmet is designed to dissipate energy produced on impact.

KASK Dogma Shadow Star Lady Helmet – $640.00

KASK Star Lady Helmet

This helmet was designed with a woman’s sizing in mind. The Dogma Shadow Star Lady Helmet includes KASK’s patented self-adapting adjusting system for a comfortable and safe fit with a soft-eco-leather chinstrap which offers style that is hypoallergenic and washable. This light, comfortable, and stylish helmet will please even the most demanding of riders.

Overall Best English Riding Helmets

There are many great brands of English horse riding helmets on the market, but here are the best overall that we recommend:

Charles Owen Halo Helmet with MIPS – $540.00

Charles Owens Halo Helmet With MIPS

The updated Charles Owen Halo with MIPS comes in stylish new looks and fit. It has all the features we love in Charles Owen helmets but adds MIPS and a unique 360° ventilation system under the halo ring. The unique Halo lattice harness is designed to grip the bone at the base of the skull for a snug and secure fit, while the luxury padding keeps you cool and comfortable. This helmet takes superb fit to the next level.

Learn more: Charles Owen Helmet Size, Fit, and Style Guide

KEP Cromo Matt Polo Peak Helmet – $539.00

KEP Cromo Matt Polo Peak Helmet

KEP Italia helmets are known to be one of the safest brands on the market. Some of the safety features in this lightweight helmet are the 5-point anchorage harness for increased stability, flexible visor to avoid fractures during a fall, and double-density polystyrene for better shock absorption.

Samshield Black Shadowmatt Helmet – $549.00

Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet

This is the top-selling Samshield helmet at The Farm House, as it offers many great features including a unique “canal” system designed to maximize airflow through the helmet. It also includes memory foam inserts to provide a very comfortable and customized fit. The liner clip system prevents movement and allows the flexibility for liners, making it great for warm or cold-weather use. 

One K MIPS CCS Helmet – $335.00

One K MIPS CCS Helmet

The One K MIPS CCS offers the latest MIPS safety technology, and the ability to customize the center, vents, and rails in a wide assortment of colors. Like any One K helmet, your head will be wrapped in a comfortable lining that is washable, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial. With two front, one back, and two side vents your head will stay cool and comfortable. This helmet is the perfect balance of advanced technology and great design.

Best Kids’ Horse Riding Helmet

Safety and comfort are paramount with a youth equestrian helmet and this is our recommendation for the best one available:

One K Defender Black Matte JR Helmet – $224.95

One K Defender Black Matte JR Helmet

The One K Defender JR helmet is available in junior sizing with the same quality, comfort, and safety as the standard-sized helmets. This helmet has a shorter chin strap, a smaller internal diameter, and additional padding.

IRH IR4G XLT Helmet – $280.00

IRH IR4G XLT Matte Black Finish with Matte Black Frame

Perhaps not as well known as some of the other helmet brands on this list, IRH IR4G XLT is not one to overlook. Again IRH is bringing a superior look to the show ring. This helmet is a step up from a schooling helmet but great for young riders. This helmet brings function, and fashion together. We love the matte black finish and frame. This is a comfortable helmet, with easy-to-use features, and it comes with two washable liners. 

Best Schooling and Budget-Friendly Horse Riding Helmet

Ovation Deluxe Schooler – $65.95

Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

The Ovation Schooler is safe, lightweight, and affordable. This is an ideal schooling helmet for those shopping on a budget. Ovation has done a great job packing in features to this low-cost riding helmet. You’ll find lots of vents to keep you cool while riding, a washable liner, and the helmet features an easy-adjust dial so you can enjoy a snug fit. The detachable visor is another great feature. Who said budget-friendly helmets need to be boring.

Importance of Horse Riding Helmets

Wearing a horse riding helmet is important for safety as they’re designed specifically for horseback riding. They’re made to withstand a fall from height, unlike helmets for bikes and other activities. Wearing a horseback riding helmet that’s properly fitted significantly decreases your chances of a head injury. 

Learn more: How to Choose and Buy a Horse Riding Helmet

Ultimately, the best horse riding helmet is one that fits correctly, uses quality materials, and follows the safety certification standards for equestrian riding helmets. Once you find that perfect riding helmet, you’ll know it! From there, be sure you’re caring for your helmet to maximize its life. 

Have questions? Give us a call at 864-457-3557. The Farm House team is made up of experienced English riders who have a thorough understanding of helmet safety, sizing, and the products we carry.

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