7 Best Winter Riding Boots

by Michelle Drum October 14, 2020 3 min read

winter riding

Don’t let cold winter weather keep you from riding! You can ride all winter long with some additional preparation and gear, including winter riding boots designed specifically for the season. The best winter riding boots are a waterproof and insulated version of your everyday riding boot, offering extra protection for cold and wet climates. Here is what you want to look for in a quality boot and some great options we highly recommend.

What to Look for in Winter Riding Boots

Winter riding boots are specifically designed to keep your feet dry and warm in colder winter temperatures. They also should offer the same safety features as your regular boots provide, including a sturdy toe and a small heel (of around an inch) to protect your foot from sliding through the stirrup. And just like with all riding boots, they should be comfortable and fit well. 

Winter riding boots feature a variety of different materials, such as leather, synthetic leather, and rubber. Though they should be water-resistant or waterproof, they also need to be breathable and just as comfortable as any other boot. 

7 Best Winter Riding Boots

Winter riding boots have a tall order to fill. They must meet standard horse-riding boot requirements and offer added protection for winter riding. The boots in this list rise to the challenge.

1. Ariat Bromont Pro Tall Waterproof Insulated Tall Riding Boot ($359.95)

This is one of our favorite winter boots because of the fantastic waterproofing and thermal insole. You may be familiar with the Ariat Bromont H20, and this is the new and improved version. They are supportive, tough enough to handle the harshest cold-weather conditions, and stylish as well. The Ariat Bromont Pro boots are designed for stability and comfort with all of the safety features you’d expect with any good riding boots. The PrimaLoft® insulation will keep your toes nice and warm. Ariat has a great line of tall all-weather boots andpaddock boots.

Ariat Bromont Pro Tall Waterproof Insulated Tall Riding Boot

2. Ariat Women's Windermere II H2O Boots ($229.95)

Another great boot in the Ariat line, the Windermere country boot is a solid multi-purpose offering. This leather boot offers a breathable and waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry and comfortable. These don’t have a lining, but they are great for early or late-winter or more temperate winter climates and offer an attractive price point.

Ariat Women's Windermere II H2O Boots

3. Mountain Horse® Devonshire Tall Boot ($295)

If you’re looking for a completely waterproof boot that will be sure to keep you dry during the most soaking wet conditions, Mountain Horse has you covered! Not only is this leather barn boot a waterproofed powerhouse, but it’s also built for comfort. The Devonshire boot is ergonomically designed and features a technology insole for superb comfort and shock absorption. (Mountain Horse® also offers a Devonshire short boot.)

Mountain Horse Devonshire Tall Boot 

4. Women’s Terrain H20 Insulated Boot (139.95)

If you need a paddock boot and want it to stand up to harsh winter conditions, these boots are ideal. Top-performing, these are the perfect all-terrain boots. They are moisture-wicking and feature Thinsulate™ Insulation for warmth with less bulk. These will keep your feet dry and warm, even in the coldest of winters.

Ariat Women's Terrain H2O Insulated Boot

5. Ariat Women’s Keswick Waterproof Boot (159.95)

Built for the stable or the trail, these boots can handle anything your day entails.  The acid-resisting  Duratread™ and breathable waterproof membrane construction ensure a it can withstand tough environments.  This boot is also beautiful, made from full-grain leather and nubuck. 4LR™ technology provides superior support and cushioning.

Ariat Women's Keswick Waterproof Boot

6. Ariat Men's Terrain Waterproof Boot ($129.95)

Ariat also makes one of our favorite winter-weather men’s boots. The Ariat Terrain boot offers some of the best water protection and wear resistance that we have seen. These are built for endurance riding and can handle any terrain. They are designed for stability and all-day comfort with all of the safety features that you need.

Ariat Men's Terrain Waterproof Boot 

7. TuffRider Child's Lexington Waterproof Tall Boots ($149.95)

These children’s boots are a huge hit with our younger equestrians. They may just be the perfect barn boots for children! These boots offer full waterproofing at a great price point, protecting your child from all weather conditions. They are attractive and include a comfortable rubber sole and a drawstring top.

TuffRider Child's Lexington Waterproof Tall Boots


The TuffRider Lexington boot is also available for women ($169.95) and men ($127.97). TuffRider offers a great boot your whole family of equestrians will love.

Choosing a Good Boot Will Increase Your Riding Enjoyment

Riding in the winter can pose some challenges with cold and wet weather, but you can ride all year round if you’re prepared with the right gear. This means getting a great pair of winter riding boots. We hope this list is helpful for you, and of course, feel free to reach out to ask us questions about any of these products.

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