10 Best Horse-Riding Breeches

Ladies in Horse Riding Breeches

Choosing the right breeches is foundational to a good riding experience. Riding breeches are athletic pants designed for horse-riding and have features specifically designed to enhance communication between rider and horse. They’re also designed for comfort while riding in a saddle. More goes into finding the right breeches than you might think. Here’s what to look for in your next pair and our recommendations for the best riding breeches to choose from. 

What to Look for in a Pair of Breeches

A quality pair of breeches is designed to fit snugly throughout the leg, thigh, and seat. This allows the horse to feel the rider’s leg movements while also enabling the rider to feel the horse. Communication between rider and horse is essential for safety and to reduce distraction. 

English-riding pants are made of a unique fabric with a gripping ability to help with placement in the seat while riding. They have no inseam to help prevent chafing.  Look for a pair of breeches that fit well and allow enough stretch to provide freedom of movement without pinching, chafing, or rubbing. 

Types of Breeches

There are three types of breeches designed for different purposes: knee-patch breechesfull-seat breeches, and riding tights. Here’s what you need to know about each.

  • Knee-patch breeches— These breeches have a gripping fabric in the knee area only. Riders who jump often tend to wear these.
  • Full-seat breeches— The gripping fabric on these breeches runs from the inner knee all the way up over the rider’s butt. It provides a stickier seat that holds the rider more firmly in the saddle. Full-seat breeches are often worn with event and dressage riders.
  • Riding tights— Riding tights are a cross between athletic tights and breeches. Though they have no front or zip closure as traditional breeches do, they have a knee-patch or a full-seat grip specifically designed for riding.

The gripping fabric for all types of breeches is traditionally leather or suede, but silicone is added for a stickier seat. You have many style options to choose from, particularly when competition rules do not limit you. You’ll find styles like high-waisted breeches, boot-cut breeches, and even denim breeches.

10 Best Riding Breeches

We’re excited to share some of our favorite riding breeches that our customers rave about. We know you’ll love them, too.

List updated for 2022!

1. Ovation Women's Bellissima II GripTec Knee Patch Breech ($97.50)

Ovation Women's Bellissima II GripTec Knee Patch Breech

Ovation’s Bellissima II breeches are soft, supportive, and look great. This European look pant features some of Ovation's best tech like UltaUV™ for UV-protection while riding, RepelTech™ to keep your breeches looking great, and FreshLock™ lends antimicrobial and odor-resistant properties. This breech features a silicon pattern and utilizes GripTec so you'll feel secure in the saddle.


2. Kerrits New Women's Crossover II Knee Patch Breech ($109)

Kerrits New Women's Crossover II Knee Patch Breech

We love this pair as it offers the comfort of tights in a polished and tailored look, making it perfect for competitions. It’s a summertime favorite, being durable and lightweight.


3. Ariat Women’s Tri-Factor Grip Full-Seat Breeches ($169.95)

Ariat Women's Tri Factor Grip Full Seat Breech

These breeches are another favorite here at Farmhouse Tack! We especially love the core control technology with compression fabric and the calf-fit system. They are mid-weight and great for the spring and fall for casual riding and competition. Using Freeze Point cooling technology, they’re designed to keep you cool and dry while still offering an optimal grip in the saddle.


4. Goode Rider Full Seat Miracle Breech ($219.00)

Goode Rider Full Seat Miracle Breech

The Goode Rider full seat Miracle breech truly lives up to its name. Made with 24% spandex it has incredible stretch, support, and recovery. You'll love the flattering mid rise fit and with a touch of 'bling' around the pockets they'll be sure to draw some attention. This breeches has a sock style bottom so they'll fit perfectly under your boots.

5. Kerrits Women's Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight ($94)

Kerrits Women's Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight

The Ice Fil® fabric on these tights lowers skin temperature by up to 5° while the anti-slip protection along the legs and seat offer a sticky and breathable grip. These Kerrits Ice Fil breeches will quickly become a wardrobe staple. They're perfect for year round riding.

6. Tuffrider Men’s Patrol Knee-Patch Breeches ($99.95)

Tuffrider Men's Patrol Knee Patch Breeches

These breeches are crafted from cotton and spandex, offering a breathable and comfortable fit. They are a classic 4-pocket breech tailored in a pin cord fabric. UltraGripp knee patches provide a more safe and secure fit, and the material offers 4-way stretch for power, movement, and recovery.


7. Equiline Men's Grafton Knee Patch Breech ($345.00)

Equiline Men's Grafton Knee Patch Breech

If you’re seeking an investment worth every penny, look no further than this Equiline option. They are the perfect balance of stability and style, offering the ultimate support and comfort with a flattering cut. Features like a microfiber knee-patch system, unique stretch fastening system, buttoned rear pockets, and the technical-fastening lower leg cuffs will make you wonder why you ever wore anything else.


8. RJ Classics Harrisburg Girls' Breech ($145.00)

RJ Classics Harrisburg Girls' Breech

The RJ Classics Harrisburg is one of our top child's breeches. They come in a natural rise, and feature premium fabrics for performance, fit, and comfort. Your young rider will look super polished in and out of the show ring with this stylish breech.


9. Kerrits Kids Knee Patch Performance Tights ($59.00)

Kerrits Kids Knee Patch Performance Tights

Kerrits kids knee patch performance tight is a favorite with young riders (and their parents.) This tight is super soft and is made from lightweight yet durable performance fabrics. They can be worn any season and the adjustable drawstring allows them to last across seasons.


10. Tuffrider Child’s Starter Jodhpurs ($34.95)

Tuffrider Child's Starter Jodhpurs

For a child new to riding who needs a balance of style and comfort at a great price point, these Jodhpurs are a great option. Jodhpurs are popular with children and have a longer knee patch than traditional breeches. This pair has hook and loop ankle closures, which are great at keeping the jodhpurs in place. 

Riding Breeches With Style, Comfort, and Safety 

Breeches are a vital part of a rider’s ensemble, so you want to make sure you choose a quality pair. All of the options in our list balance comfort, safety features, and styling, so you can be confident in your choice. 

Explore our collection of breeches and jodhpurs that have been tested by our staff and customers. If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re happy to help!

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