6 Best Winter Riding Breeches

Breeches play an important role in rider safety in the saddle as well as providing an additional mode of communication with the horse. And at no time are quality breeches more important than wintertime, due to inclement weather. In this article, we’ll share what you need to know about the best winter riding breeches. We’ll also recommend some great options to consider, no matter what the winter weather looks like where you are.

What To Look for in Breeches for Winter Riding

When dealing with cold and wet winter weather, breeches have a tall order to fill. They should not only be made of stretchy, non-restrictive material, allowing freedom of movement, but they also need to be water-resistant and sometimes wind-resistant.  Depending on where you live, it’s probably a good idea for winter riding breeches to also have an additional lining for warmth. 

Ultimately, you want your winter riding breeches to protect you from the elements wherever you are, while being as comfortable as your summer breeches. Being prepared with the right riding breeches can make the difference between a fun ride and a soggy, uncomfortable one. And really — who wants the latter?

Best Winter Riding Breeches

Winter weather varies across the United States, so you’ll see a range in types of winter riding breeches. We may be a bit spoiled here in the southeast with our milder winter weather, but even so, we still need a great pair of breeches for the wintertime. Depending on personal preferences, people in this area may not need fleece-lined breeches, but a water-resistant breech sure comes in handy! Here are some of our favorite winter-weather breeches.

1. Ariat Venture Thermal Half Grip Tight ($129.95)

These new Ariat Venture Thermal Half Grip Tights are perfect to wear when you need  superior comfort and ultimate warmth. Designed with AriatTEK these tights are bound to defy any climate you wear them in. These breeches fit great and have the secure Ariat Hex Grip  on the upper half of the leg. Pockets on both legs perfect for your phone and other essentials!

Ariat Venture Thermal breeches 

2. Kerrits Power Stretch Knee Patch Breeches ($119)

Snuggly warmth and performance, this tight is an ideal insulator for chilly winter rides and barn chores with a brushed fleece interior, and a matte exterior that sheds hay and horsehair. These durable breeches are perfect for our friends who are cold natured or are in the Northern part of the U.S.. These durable breeches keep the wind out and the warmth in, did we mention the zip pocket fits your phone? I personally can't live without these in the winter!


3. Kerrits Women's Fleece Lite II Knee Patch Tight ($99)

If you’re looking for an all-season tight that will hold up to any conditions, these Kerrits fleece tights are a great way to go. They are made of a durable material that’s light enough that you can wear them on their own in the summer or layer them in the winter. They work nicely during spring and fall also, and you’ll love their cozy brushed fleece inner lining. These winter-riding tights have a modern waistband with four-way stretch and convenient side pockets, along with great knee patches for a secure grip. Kerrits’ women’s fleece lite II knee patch tight scores high marks for comfort, style, and versatility. They are available in harbor blue and lavender.

Kerrits Women's Fleece Lite II Knee Patch Tight

Kids won’t feel left out, as there is a children’s version of these tights for $69 they are sure to love.

4. TuffRider Unifleece Pull-on Breeches ($47.95)

If you're looking for a lined winter breech that won't break the budget, this breech is for you! These comfortable fleece lined breeches for winter riding and working around the barn. These budget friendly breeches feature a front zipper pocket, non-slip UltraGripp knee patches, and contoured sock bottoms for additional comfort. 

TuffRider Unifleece Winter Riding Breeches


5. Grand Prix Rain Pants ($120)

Another great option for winter is these Grand Prix rain pants. This staff favorite is a must-have for equestrians who compete at all levels. They keep your breeches clean and dry through anything mother nature throws at you! Simply unzip the hidden zippers that run down both legs to take them off right before it’s game time, without even having to dismount. They are a great way to look your best when it really matters. These rain pants come in tan and white.

Grand Prix Rain Pants

6. Kerrits Women's Thermo Tech Full Leg ($109)

The Kerrits Thermo Tech Full Leg Tight features a warm stretchy material that will keep you stylish and warm. The Thermo Tech knit is engineered with light compression and a brushed fleece interior perfect for cool weather riding. Modern, athletic detailing includes a wide comfort waistband and cargo style pockets easily accessed in the saddle. Silicone Kerrit Sticks along the entire inner leg provide comfy security.

Kerrits Women's Thermo Tech Full Leg Tight

Be Prepared for Any Winter Weather With a Great Pair of Winter Riding Breeches

Equestrians need to be ready for all kinds of weather. The wintertime often poses the biggest challenge, particularly for riders who live in colder and wetter climates. But don’t you worry — we’ve got you covered with some great winter riding gear that will work no matter where you are located! Check out our full collection of women’s breeches!

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