12 Best Horse Riding Boots

12 Best Horse Riding Boots

A good pair of horse riding boots will keep you confident on your horse and allow you to perform at your peak. But it can be challenging to know which boots to choose. So we saddled our horses and tested boots for comfort and quality while riding and then created this guide to help you choose the best riding boots. All of the riding boots we feature are comfortable and stylish, made from quality leather, and designed for English riders. We’ve included 12 of our favorite boots below, plus tips to help you find the right pair for you.

Best Women’s Riding Boots

What makes a good riding boot?

A good riding boot should be comfortable, fit you well, and be durable and safe. Riding boots can be a significant investment so it’s important to purchase good-quality boots that will last.


Good riding boots should keep your feet and legs comfortable during training or competition. If you’re riding in the hot sun for hours, you’ll want riding boots that are lightweight, breathable, and supportive. The calf and ankle should be soft and flexible to improve contact with your horse and improve stability when your feet are in the stirrups. Riding boots are uncomfortable if they’re too soft or too loose, so finding the right fit will make your ride more enjoyable.

Quality leather

Both performance and presentation are essential for competitive horse riding. Quality leather riding boots should aid your performance, fit like a glove, and enhance the beauty and elegance of your ride.

Durability and protection

Riding boots generally have a heel that’s about an inch high to prevent the rider’s foot from sliding through the stirrup. A sturdy toe protects the rider’s foot, and a smooth or lightly-textured sole helps ensure the rider doesn’t get their foot caught in the stirrup in the case of a fall. Classic riding boots rise high enough up the leg to protect it from the saddle pinching.


Horseback riding can be casual or competitive and boots are an important part of your riding presentation in competition. Riding boots should be appropriately styled for your chosen discipline. And a good riding boot should be comfortable, durable, and fit you well.

Styles of riding boots

There are two main types of boots based on the length of the boot: tall boots and short boots. The traditional boot and equestrian standard for riding is a tall boot. These boots extend up the leg to just below the knee and come in two types: field boots and dress boots. Short boots are used for casual riding.

Equestrian riding boots vs. fashion riding boots

Equestrian riding boots are constructed to enhance performance in competitive horse riding. Fashion riding boots are inspired by equestrian boots but are made to be worn out on the town during your daily activities.  Horse riding boots have soles made for stirrups and are cut for a rider’s position on a horse. Fashion riding boots are trendy and may go in and out of style, but equestrian boots are always a necessity for regular riders.

Tall Riding Boots

Tall boots traditionally pull on or may have a full-length zipper in the back to make them easier to get on and off. When measuring for this kind of boot, it’s important to know foot size as well as calf length and circumference at the widest part. Tall boots come in two styles: field boots and dress boots.

Field Boots

Field boots include a laced closure at the front of the ankle to provide greater flexibility, and they also allow for more room when the foot is in the boot. Field boots are typically used by riders in the eventing and jumping disciplines.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are more formal than field boots and are used by Fox hunters and dressage riders and have Spanish tops that extend up the outside of the rider’s knee.

Short Riding Boots

Short boots, also called paddock boots or jodhpur boots, are a popular choice for a couple of reasons. They are easy to fit, like other casual shoes, and they are very easy to care for. They are also generally less expensive for riders and offer a more informal look that can be worn around town as well as while pleasure riding. Short-riding boots zip up the side or back. Adult riders typically wear these boots with half chaps paired with breeches to prevent blisters. Short boots are also a favorite boot for children.

12 Best Riding Boots

With the plethora of choices in riding boots, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. Here are seven boots that we recommend based on customer feedback and performance.

1. Ariat Ravello Tall Boot (Best Black Leather Riding Boots)

Cost: $800

This luxurious and stylish leather riding boot is comfortable, durable, and stylish. It’s made from premium Italian calf leather with features like a mobility curve behind the knee and a cushioned insole.

Ariat Ravello Tall Riding Boot in black

2. Ariat Ascent Women’s Tall Boot (Best Performance Riding Boots)

Cost: $379.95

The Ariat Ascent boots have an innovative and sporty design and are perfect for all-day wear with FLX foam middles and a flexible, breathable, and lightweight knit construction. We love these boots! Check out our full Ariat Ascent boot review

Ariat Women's Ascent Tall Boot

Peyton – Farm House Team Member Review: Ariat Ascent Women’s Tall Boot

Find your perfect size with our Ariat Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, and Styles

3. Tucci Sofia Women’s Tall Boot (Most Stylish Riding Boots)

Cost: $1,095

This Italian leather riding boot is perfection. It’s hand-crafted, lightweight, and has a soft and comfortable leather inner lining. You’ll look stunning in these show-stopping boots for sure. 

Tucci Sofia Women's Tall Riding Boot in black

Find your perfect size with our Ariat Boot Guide: Sizing, Fit, and Styles.

4. Ovation Sofia Field Boots (Best Field Boots)

Cost: $149.95

We are obsessed with the Ovation Sofia field boots! These boots are the perfect first pair of tall boots! They fit and feel like an amazing custom boot and these boots give you that tall long leg look at the best price around! Bonus points because they are available in ladies and childrens

Ovation Sofia Tall Field Boot

Peyton – Farm House Team Member Review: Ovation Sofia Field Boots

5. Ariat Women’s V-Sport Tall Boot (Most Comfortable Riding Boots)

Cost: $379.95

When it comes to comfort and style the Ariat V-Sport delivers. The V-Sport features a full-length elasticized panel on the lateral side which makes it a breeze to slide the boot on and off, and the ATS technology will keep your feet cool and dry on warm weather rides. Ariat V-Sport tall boots come in black full-grain leather and feature a high Spanish topline, contoured ankle, and plain top cap. This is a favorite boot for many of the Farm House team.

Ariat. V-sport tall boot

Michelle – Farm House Team Member Review: Ariat V Sport Women’s Tall Boot 

6. Ariat Women’s Heritage Contour II Field Zip Tall Riding Boot (Best Fit)

Cost: $359.95

Another highly-rated option is the Ariat Women’s Heritage Contour II Field Boot. We love this riding boot for it’s ultra-contoured fit through the ankle and the Duratread outsole with rider-tested traction zones. It is designed to fit like a glove with many features for comfort, stability, and safety.

Ariat Women's Heritage Contour II Field Zip Tall Riding Boot

5. Ego 7 Orion Field Boot (Best Deal)

Cost: $499

The Ego 7 Orion Field Boot offers the elegant styling and fit of premier Italian boot designer, Tucci. Ego 7 gives you a custom-fitted boot feel at a fraction of the price of custom-made boots, also available in dress boots. Be sure to check out our guide on how to fit Ego 7 boots.

Ego 7 Orion Tall Field Boot

Bobbye – Farm House Team Member Review: Ego 7 Orion

8. Ariat Women’s Kinsley Dress Boot (Most Elegant Riding Boots)

Cost: $449.95

Ariat offers a strong contender to the Ego 7 Aries in their Women’s Kinsley Dress Boot. The boot features a contoured fit through the ankle and an elegant high Spanish cut topline. Also available now in a field boot.

Ariat Women's Kinsley Dress Boot

7. Dublin River Boots III (Best Waterproof Riding Boots)

Cost: $174.95

The Dublin River boot isn’t technically a riding boot but is still good for casual riding, barn chores, or going out. They boast classic styling and offer all-day comfort. These eye-catching boots are made from waterproof and breathable full-grain leather. They have a waterproof booty and moisture-wicking footbed for comfort.

Dublin River Boots III

Nancy – Farm House Team Member Review: Dublin River Boots

10. Ovation Child’s Quantum Zip Paddock Boots (Best Girl’s Paddock Boots)

Cost: $45

The Ovation Child’s Quantum Zip Paddock Boot is a wonderful beginner paddock boot for young riders as they offer a comfortable, relaxed fit with an elegant look. This boot offers all the qualities of a leather boot without breaking the bank. The perfect child starter boot. 

Ovation Childs Quantum Riding Boot

11. Ariat Women’s Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boot (Best Women’s Paddock Boots)

Cost: $159.95

For women, we recommend the Ariat Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boot for its superior craftsmanship and advanced technology. This boot features a full-grain leather upper and a moisture wicking breathable lining. Also available in the H20 waterproof style

Ariat Womens Heritage IV Zip Up Paddock Boots

12. Tredstep Donatello Zip Up Paddock Boots (Most Comfortable Paddock Boot)

Cost: $139.95

Crafted in high-quality full grain leather, subtle classic styling with contrast stitching. Built on our revolutionary cushioned rubber sole, hard-wearing and long-lasting, improves stirrup grip and is exceptionally smart. Fitted with super comfortable Coolmax lined footbeds for happy feet all day. Sizes for men and women. 

Tredstep Donatello Zip Up Paddock Boots

Horse-riding boots can be a significant investment, but they are an important part of your equipment. Once you know what to look for in a boot and the types to choose from, you can select the best boots for your needs and riding discipline.

Shop for other great tall riding boots, paddock boots, or waterproof boots.

Horseback Riding Boots for Beginners

If you’re new to horse riding, you may want to start with paddock boots as you get accustomed to riding. Paddock boots might be more comfortable as you get used to the feel of the horse, and you can progress to tall boots as you start training for competition. Learn how to shop for beginner riding boots in our review of 6 of the best horseback riding boots for beginners

At The Farm House, we’ve helped outfit riders with the best riding boots at all levels for competitions. If you have any questions on what you need for your discipline or in regards to sizing, give us a call at 864-457-3557, we’d love to help.

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