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Meet The Team - Morgan Bailey

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Meet The Team - Morgan Bailey

When most people say “oh I’ve been riding since I could sit up” they tend to be exaggerating a bit, but I promise you that’s not the case with me! Both my parents are avid riders, so they got me in the saddle basically the moment after I was born! There may have been some velcro overalls involved in the beginning, and ever since then, horses have always been a huge part of my life.


I like to say I bring some variety to The Farm House… while most of the staff grew up in the hunter/jumper world, I grew up on the western side of things. My first horse, JB, showed me a love for rodeos, and I started barrel racing at two years old (hence the velcro overalls)! JB was the best teacher (he was even awarded “Horse with Most Heart in NC” in 2008), and soon I moved up to Little Girl, who held my heart for most of my childhood. My proudest moment growing up was placing 13th overall with Little Girl at the National Barrel Horse Association World Championship when I was eight years old!                            

Nowadays, I’m gearing up to start nursing school in a few weeks (wish me luck!!) and still trying to find the time to rodeo and enjoy my horses- Honey, Turtle, and Fizzle! I bred Honey myself, so have some high hopes for her! My goal is to give her more experience in the barrels and breakaway team roping and eventually compete with her in both the Southern Rodeo Association and International Professional Rodeo Association!                                     

I’ve been working at The Farm House for three years and have loved every minute! I enjoy helping other riders find exactly what they’re looking for! My favorite products are Ultra Shield Ex Fly Spray and the whole Back on Track line. My horses LOVE their BOT sheets and wraps because they make them feel 110% before competitions. Feel free to come visit. I can’t wait to help!


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