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Thoughts On No Stirrup November

Posted by M Drum on

I recall being tortured with frequent regularity as a junior when my trainer would tell us to drop our irons. Maybe one of us barn rats was particularly annoying the preceding week and she would make good on threats of a no stirrup lesson. Perhaps even escalating to a no stirrup two point lesson.  Although we would groan and moan about it, I recall enjoying the challenge between members of my 'squad'. Who can hold 2 point the longest, who can do the most laps of posting trot, who could get their heels down the deepest, who had the nicest position through the gymnastic exercise. 

We were a competitive bunch, even if we didn't get to show that often. Once real life starts and adulting kicks in, the barn becomes a place of solace. Where we can let all the frustrations of the day go and enjoy some quality time with your favorite furry beasties. I probably drop my irons once a week for maybe 5 minutes, and that's being generous. While warming up or cooling out mostly, I might canter a lap or do some 2 point if I'm feeling ambitious but mostly walking around. The thought of spending 45 minutes without irons doing actual work becomes incredibly intimidating. But I think we can all agree, no stirrups are a necessary evil. 

This year, I'm going to set some goals for No Stirrup November, realistic adult level goals. I'm going to start small and work my way up to harder things by the end of the month.  Maybe my goals will inspire you to join me on my quest. :)

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2018 World Equestrian Games Community Meet Greatness Event Sponsored By The Farm House

For Immediate ReleaseLandrum, SC, USA – September 3, 2018 – Noreen Cothran, Celine Lehner and the entire staff of the Farm House tack shop are pleased to invite the general public and news organizations to a casual Meet & Greet opportunity featuring World Equestrian Games competitors at the Landrum Depot meeting space, Friday, September 7, [...]

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Equine Evacuation Info For Hurricane Irma

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