Pony Finals Packing List Plus Your Downloadable Pony Finals Checklist

Pony Finals Packing List Plus Your Downloadable Pony Finals Checklist

  1. Riding Gear: Pack all your necessary riding equipment, such as your riding boots, breeches, show coat, shadbelly, stock tie, pin, helmet, gloves, and any other gear you’ll need at the show.
  2. Horse/Pony Supplies: Don’t forget to bring essential items for your pony, including grooming tools, clean saddle pads, blankets, brushes, hoof picks, and any other equipment you typically use for their care and maintenance.
  3. Show Attire: In addition to your riding gear, bring appropriate attire for non-riding activities, casual clothes for downtime, a bathing suit, and comfortable shoes for walking around the showgrounds.
  4. Documents and Paperwork: Make sure to have all necessary documentation and paperwork readily available, including your USEF membership card, horse/pony registration papers, pony measurement card, current Coggins, up-to-date health certificate, as well as any required pony vaccination documentation that the Ky horse park may require. 
  5. Must-Have Personal Items:  Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, water bottle, bug spray, and snacks to keep yourself comfortable and hydrated throughout the event. Don’t forget a fully charged battery pack for your cell phone. You don’t want to miss any photos or videos!
  6. Bedding and Stall Supplies: If you’re responsible for your pony’s stall, you will bring staples like buckets, feed, supplements, and bedding.
    But you may not know that the Ky horse park stalls are on asphalt with no mats. A hard surface like this can be uncomfortable and unforgiving to your horse after a long trailer ride to the venue. You can rent mats from Denver Rentals. Be sure to secure them in advance, they bring them right to your stall at the horse park, and you can arrange them in the stall however you desire. 
  7. Entertainment and Relaxation: Pony Finals can be a bustling and busy event, so making space for downtime is important. Sure, it’s great to see friends you only see once a year. But you are competing too and need to be at your best. So make sure you give yourself time to rest and recharge. Set yourself up for success by sticking to a bedtime and making space for some quiet time throughout the day. 
  8. Pony Finals offers tables at the ringside VIP tent that often furnishes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks throughout the day. Though these tables can be pricey often you can find barns or families who have purchased an entire table but would be happy to sell a few of the seats they are not using to other competitors. Check out the Pony Finals Facebook group to locate competitors with wristbands/seats for sale.  
  9. If you’ve never been to the Kentucky Horse Park, be prepared for a lot of walking. The facility is vast, and getting from the stables to the show rings can put some steps on your Fitbit and close some serious rings on your watch. If you or you’re trainer are not planning to rent a golf cart, consider bringing your bicycle. Bikes, scooters, and their electric counterparts can come in very handy while trying to navigate the showgrounds, especially if you plan to stay on-site in an RV or camper at the campground!  

    Be sure to obey the park and USEF/USHJA rules for vehicles when using any alternative transportation on the show grounds. Horses always have the right of way and always go slow and allow plenty of room when passing a horse or pony. 

Remember to check the USEF Pony Finals official website or contact the event organizers for any specific requirements or recommendations they may have. Safe travels everyone & have a wonderful time making lots of memories with friends! 

BONUS: Bring our Pony Finals BINGO card to keep you entertained! Download your copy and bring it with you. Take a picture and share your results with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Pony Finals 2024 Bingo Card
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