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Original Mane Tail Groom Plus

Original Mane Tail Groom Plus

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We love this product because it is the holy grail of skin care products for your horse, treating a variety of bacterial and fungal conditions.

Original M-T-G plus is the same great formula producing the same great results but with a new, light herbal fragrance. People can now enjoy a fresh herbal scent. Developed by abarber in 1938 to treat human skin conditions, Original M-T-G has proven itself to be nothing short of miraculous for horse skin issues. Original M-T-G is time tested and proven. It is veterinarian recommended as the only solution needed for a variety of
bacterial and fungal skin problems. Original M-T-G and Original M-T-G plus successfully
treat the following conditions: rain rot, dew poisoning, scratches, mud fever, greasy heal, sweet itch, girth itch, itchy skin, dandruff and tail rubbing. Its special ingredients also condition the skin and hair around the problem area which promotes both healthy skin
and hair regrowth. Just rub a small amount into the affected area without disturbing or picking the scabs off. There is no need to rinse or wash out between applications. Once the area is healed and want to wash the residue off just use Shapley's Hi shine shampoo which is specially formulated to remove Original M-T-G and NEW Original M-T-G plus quickly and easily. Shapley's easy out spray will also remove both versions from the horse and from hands. For horse skin issues.

  • Developed by a barber in 1938
  • Treats a variety of conditions
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair regrowth
  • Fresh Herbal scent
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