Ego7 Women's EJ Regular Rise Knee Patch Jumping Breech

The Jumping EJ Breeches with Knee Grips Are Our Best Selling EGO 7 Breeches!

These ladies breeches with knee grips will quickly become your favorite, go-to breeches. The flattering front pockets and faux zip detailing on the back give them a fantastic look. Superior performance and style is guaranteed thanks to the signature cut and design that was developed by Italian designers. 

The revolutionary fabric, 100% jersey made in Italy, creates a perfect fit while the 4-way stretch fabric ensures unrestricted movement, support and shape retention to give you never before felt comfort! Highly breathable, the breeches offer increased contact with the horse while riding. Once you wear these breeches you'll be an Ego7 convert!

Also featuring the Ego7 new patented COBRAX button and the innovative knee grip patch inserts for added grip in the saddle. The waistband is also lined with a grip system to prevent shirts from untucking (which can look untidy when training or competing).

With an attractive, modern style, these sophisticated ladies breeches are perfect for both training and competing.

Main features:

  • Front pockets and faux zipper back pockets
  • Grip knee patch inserts
  • Patented stay-closed button
  • Top Italian materials
  • Machine washable

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