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AJR Rubber Twist Hinge Full Cheek Bit

AJR Rubber Twist Hinge Full Cheek Bit

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We love the combination of design and materials in this bit. The Rubber Twist Hinge Full Cheek is expertly crafted from premium TPU to balance softness with precision in communication.

This bit incorporates the Hinge Full Cheek design, effectively avoiding the nutcracker action of single-joint bits, thereby offering a more uniform and gentle pressure distribution. The rubber twist mouthpiece, a gentler option compared to metal, is especially suitable for horses with sensitive mouths. It facilitates comfortable yet clear communication, ideal for various horses, especially those that respond well to subtle yet firm guidance.

The Rubber Twist Hinge Full Cheek stands as a testament to our commitment to equine comfort, embodying an innovative approach to design and functionality.

  • Material: TPU

  • Mouth Thickness: 18mm

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