KASK Equestrian Helmets Size, Fit, and Style Guide

KASK Equestrian Helmets Size, Fit, and Style Guide

One of the great helmet brands you may have heard about is KASK. At the Farm House, we love this brand, since they specialize exclusively in helmets. They are a top-of-the-line offering, and their reputation for quality and safety makes them a trusted helmet brand worldwide. In this article, you’ll learn all about KASK equestrian helmets, how to fit their helmets, and how to choose your very own KASK helmet.

About KASK Equestrian

KASK is an Italian company specializing in safety helmets since 2004. They develop, design, and manufacture helmets for equestrians, skiers, cyclers, and more. They are known for their high-quality products and expertise in safety helmets. Having this background and specialization is an essential consideration in a product as crucial as safety helmets.

The KASK mission is “to maintain a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design.” This is not a company that rests on its laurels, but one that continuously researches to seek improvements to meet and exceed the highest safety standards. Their designs not only strive for safety and beauty, but also offer unparalleled comfort. Their helmets are ergonomic and offer a unique integrated structural system with superior protection and the lightest possible mass for a perfect balance of comfort and safety. Some of the world’s top athletes stand by KASK as their brand of choice for safety helmets, and our customers love them, too.

How To Fit KASK Riding Helmets

Finding the right helmet that fits your head comfortably can take some trial and error. Everyone’s head is a little different, so it’s important to determine your head size and shape to find the right helmet. Here are the steps to finding the perfect helmet for you:

  • Measure your head using a soft fabric measuring tape at the widest part of your head, around one inch above your eyebrows. (Note that KASK helmet measurements are in centimeters or inches.)
  • Check the KASK sizing chart and try on a helmet. It should fit snugly, but be comfortable, sitting within the width of one or two fingers above your brow.
  • Evaluate the fit. Wear the helmet for a few minutes, and make sure you have no gaps between the helmet and your head. It can be helpful to simulate movement to test its comfort.
  • Buckle the chin strap. Adjust the strap to fit snugly under your chin, and make sure the helmet remains in the proper spot on your head. It should not move at all when it’s strapped.

For more detailed information on finding the right helmet for you, take a look at our detailed guide for measuring your head for a helmet. It walks you through the details step-by-step and is especially helpful for beginners or people who have not purchased a new helmet in a while.

KASK Helmet Sizing Guide

Since KASK does make helmets for cycling and snow activities, make sure you use the sizing guide for equestrians for your horse riding needs. Here are KASK’s guides for their equestrian helmets to be sure you select the correct one.

KASK helmet size chart

Are KASK Riding Helmets Safe?

When it comes to equestrian riding helmets, one of the top questions you’ll be asking is whether they are safe. After all, that’s the purpose of helmets! KASK helmets meet or exceed all safety standards, and the company is committed to maintaining this level of quality. Their award-winning helmets are designed and created in Italy, so KASK has control of the production to ensure it meets their standards for excellence. We included one of the KASK helmets in our review of the safest helmets available and believe this is an excellent brand overall.

One of the newer helmet safety innovations is MIPS, or a multi-directional impact protection system. This newer safety technology is popular with some brands, though it’s not a requirement with any safety certification agency at this time. KASK helmets do not have MIPS. However, their innovative technology with Multi In-Molding, inner polystyrene cap, and outer polycarbonate shell ensures effective shock absorption. Since they already meet or exceed all safety standards, you can feel confident with KASK helmets. 

3 Best KASK Equestrian Helmets

KASK offers several different helmets with various options for style, so you’re sure to find one that will appeal to your personal preference. In fact, two KASK helmets were featured in our list of the top twelve horse riding helmets. They are a fan favorite!

1. KASK Kooki Helmet ($449)

KASK Kooki Helmet

The KASK Kooki Helmet is one of the newer offerings in the KASK line of equestrian helmets. It puts a modern spin on their classic helmet, and we love it! This helmet is at a great price point, lower than their other helmets without sacrificing any style or quality. You’ll be surprised by this helmet’s features, offering style, comfort, and safety. The inner padding is breathable and antibacterial. It features the KASK Fit System for a perfect fit every time. And this helmet has great front and rear ventilation, ensuring riders stay cool and dry. 

2. KASK Dogma Hunter Helmet ($599)

KASK Dogma Helmet

The Dogma Hunter Helmet is another KASK classic designed for fit, style, and safety. KASK created a unique system to hold a rider’s helmet securely and comfortably, and the removable inner padding makes adjustment and cleaning a breeze. The fabric is water-repellant, abrasion-resistant, and washable Merino wool. Like all KASK helmets, this one offers a superior venting system for maximum airflow. It’s a light, stylish, and superbly comfortable option that riders love. 

For a different look, check out the KASK Dogma Chrome Light Helmet or the KASK Dogma Pure Shine Chrome Riding Helmet.

3. KASK Star Lady Helmet ($690)

KASK Star Lady Helmet

We love the Star Lady Helmet, as it’s a gorgeous and elegant helmet with lots of great technical features. It includes their patented FIT System, which ensures a perfect fit for comfort and safety. This helmet is light, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and washable, and its wide brim even provides extra sun protection for the rider. And for an extra nice touch, the eco-leather chinstrap is hypoallergenic. The breathable inner padding is made of Merino wool, which is naturally antibacterial and offers high levels of breathability and thermoregulation. Do we sound like we’re gushing about this helmet? Oh yes, we are!

Check out this KASK Star Lady Hunter Helmet, designed specifically for the needs of hunters. Or, for a different look, try the KASK Star Lady Pure Shine Chrome Helmet.

A Trusted Brand Known for Safety and Comfort

This beloved Italian brand is an all-around winner in our book. KASK’s comfortable, stylish, and safe helmets get high scores from our customers and staff, and we’re thrilled to offer them at the Farm House. 

Explore our full selection of horse riding helmets! And If you have questions about any of the helmets we carry, give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re always glad to help! 

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