Samshield Helmet Size, Fit, and Style Guide

Samshield Helmet Size, Fit, and Style Guide

According to the CDC, horse riding accidents are more common than motorcycle accidents. And they can cause serious head injuries. Finding a well-fitted, safe, and comfortable helmet design for horse riding is vital, as helmets serve to protect your head in an accident.

But helmets can be stylish as well as practical. Samshield is one company that is dedicated to offering helmets that are comfortable and extremely safe as well as aesthetically pleasing. In this guide, we’re looking specifically at Samshield helmets, how to fit them, sizing, and the brand’s best helmets.

Intro to Samshield 

When the creator of Samshield, Sam Maloigne, a veteran of motocross/supercross, bought his first horse-riding helmet, he was disappointed by its technical failures. It was uncomfortable and didn’t offer the protection that he was used to with his motocross/supercross helmets.

Maloigne’s desire to create a better horse-riding helmet resulted in his building a company dedicated to designing beautiful, customizable products with dramatically improved safety features and comfort. Samshield crafts its helmets from high-quality materials that balance beauty and personalization with active and passive security, as well as comfort. The company focuses on technical innovation along with elegance and distinctiveness, fueled by a passion to make the best-performing products possible.

How to Fit a Samshield Helmet

Finding the right helmet takes some work. Measuring your head is only the starting point, since you also need to consider head shape. Here are the important steps to follow to find your perfect fit.

1. Take Your Measurement

Take your head measurement at the widest part, approximately an inch above your eyebrows, using a soft fabric measuring tape.  The tape should be snug against your head and placed over the curve of your head in the back, just above your ears. Consider having someone help you with measuring your head to ensure you get it right. Samshield size charts are in both inches and centimeters, so you can note either measurement. 

2. Try on the Helmet with Your Hair Styled as Usual

Before trying on any helmet, make sure you style your hair the way you plan to when you’re riding. Select your Samshield helmet of choice and place it on your head. It should have a snug fit but feel comfortable when it’s flat and resting horizontally on your head. The brim should sit one-to-two fingers’ width above your eyebrows. 

Note: Samshield helmets come with an inner foam liner. Try the helmet on the first time without the Samshield helmet liner to gauge the fit to the shape of your head. 

3. Assess the Fit

Try the helmet on a second time with the liner in it, and assess the fit and comfort. A well-fitted helmet will cover your entire skull without any gaps between the helmet and your head. The even pressure around your head enables the helmet to absorb the shock of an accident, so this step is important. The helmet should feel comfortable without being loose enough to slide freely.

4. Buckle Your Chin Strap

Once you think you’ve found the right helmet for you, buckle the chin strap and adjust it so it fits snugly under your chin. Ensure the helmet still sits properly on your head, with the front brim at one-to-two fingers’ width above your eyebrows, and that it feels comfortable. 

Samshield Helmet Sizes

Most of the Samshield helmets are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The helmets designed for show jumpers (XJ and XJ Miss) and cross country (XC) come in medium and large sizes. All Samshield helmets are designed to accommodate four to five inner foams in different sizes to provide a perfect fit throughout the rider’s growth. 

Samshield Helmet Size Chart

The size grid for most of the Samshield helmets, including the Shadow, Premium, and Miss Shield styles, ranges from 52 to 61 centimeters, or 6 ½ to 7 ⅝ inches.

Samshield Shadowmatt and Miss Shield Size Chart

The size grid for the XJ, XJ Miss, and XC Samshield helmets ranges from 53 to 61 centimeters, or 6 ⅝ to 7 ⅝ inches.

Samshield XC XJ size chart

Top 6 Samshield Helmets

1. Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet ($499)

Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet

The Samshield Shadowmatt helmet is designed for rider comfort, balancing safety, style, and practicality. It’s made of polycarbonate, the same material used for high-end motorcycle helmets, with an inner shell designed to improve energy dissipation upon impact. It has a front air inlet for exceptional airflow and ventilation. The Shadowmatt helmet is covered with an anti-scratch coating to keep it looking stylish for years to come. It is also available with a dressage chin strap option, enabling women to wear their hair in a bun comfortably.

Samshield also makes a Custom Shadowmatt Helmet ($575) with customizations to the trim color and logo color for a fun and personal touch. 

2. Samshield Premium Alcantara Helmet ($662)

Samshield Premium Alcantara Helmet

The Samshield Premium helmet is designed to keep you cool during your ride. It has an interior air channel system under the visor, so there are no exterior vents. The premium liner’s “shape memory” feature provides added comfort without adding bulk. Since it doesn’t touch your forehead, it reduces the pressure on your head for an even more comfortable fit. It’s fade-proof, waterproof, and has a stylish suede Alcantara exterior. 

3. Samshield Miss Shield Helmet – Rose Gold ($698)

Samshield Miss Shield Helmet - Rose Gold

This Samshield helmet in rose gold offers the same technical, safety, and comfort features as the other Samshield helmets, with some very stylish touches. It’s inspired by classic ladies’ hats with a long visor and customizable frontal band. The helmet accents are all in rose gold, a beautiful and distinctive touch.

4. Samshield Miss Shield Alcantara Helmet ($778)

Samshield Miss Shield Alcantara Helmet

This Samshield premium helmet offers the same Alcantara top material with a stylish frontal band above the visor. The visor was extended on this helmet to be both wider and longer, which improves sun protection. It has a stylish and streamlined modern look, and the fabric is both fade- and water-resistant. The design allows for maximum airflow with carefully-placed vents to maintain the sleek look, and the premium liner is shaped for comfort.

5. Samshield XC Carbon Fiber Helmet ($784)

Samshield XC Carbon Fiber Helmet

Samshield also makes a helmet specifically designed for cross-country: the XC helmet. The helmet’s external shell is made of pure carbon fiber, a composite material offering the best strength available for its weight. There are two front air vents for exceptional ventilation. Two options are available for inner liners, offering either additional stability or increased airflow. If you ride cross-country, this is the helmet for you!

6. Samshield XJ Helmet-Black ($896)

Samshield XJ Helmet-Black

The XJ helmet is made for show jumpers and features a small brim. It is also made of pure carbon fiber, and has two front air vents for exceptional ventilation without the unsightly air inlets. The two inner liner options, for either improved stability or increased airflow, are also available for the XJ helmet. 

With a Samshield helmet, you can count on innovative technology with unparalleled airflow, in addition to a style and a customizable fit. If you’re looking for a quality helmet that will balance safety with a beautiful aesthetic, Samshield is a great brand to try.

Explore our collection of Samshield helmets, which are tested by staff for performance. If you have questions about any of our horse riding helmets, give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re happy to help!

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