Charles Owen Helmet Size, Fit, and Style Guide

Charles Owen Helmet Size, Fit, and Style Guide

There are many great equestrian helmet brands available today, but one that stands out among the rest is Charles Owen. This long-standing company is known for providing some of the best safety helmets, protecting generations of riders. The brand has built an incredible reputation for designing and manufacturing safe and comfortable helmets leveraging the latest scientific studies and technology.

If you haven’t heard of Charles Owen, or don’t yet know much about the brand, read on to learn all about this esteemed company and why you might want to consider it for your next equestrian helmet.

About Charles Owen Helmets

Charles Owen is a British company that has been making a name for itself for over 110 years. The company’s founder and namesake wanted  to make products “for a safer world.” Now, his great-grandson is at the helm of the company, continuing to honor that mission. In fact, since the 1980s, Charles Owen has been the official supplier of the English royals. This company is especially known for its equestrian protection gear, including helmets, body protectors, and air vests

Roy Burek, the grandson of the original Charles Owen, led the industry in studying traumatic brain injuries and was instrumental in setting industry standards for safety. Today, the company continues to innovate based on his research and expertise. Its scientific involvement and focus perpetuate its reputation in the global equestrian industry as “a trusted brand known for safety, quality, innovation, and style.” 

As important as safety is, Charles Owen also understands the importance of a comfortable and correct fit. All Charles Owen helmets feature the company’s patented Microfit system with improved ventilation and a fit designed for the rider’s comfort.

Choosing the Right Charles Owen Helmet for Horseback Riding

Equestrians know that it’s essential to choose a helmet made specifically for horse riding, as these are designed with vital safety features for the sport. But safety isn’t the only important thing to keep in mind when choosing your helmet — you also want to choose one that fits comfortably. 

Since the beginning, Charles Owen has paid special attention to ensuring their helmets are not only safe but comfortable. This includes providing adequate ventilation for airflow to keep the rider’s head cool and allowing adjustments to customize the fit of the helmets. 

Fitting your head for a horse-riding helmet requires a few steps, but if you follow them, you’re off to a great start in narrowing down the best helmet for your head size and shape. 

To measure your head:

  1. Take a soft measuring tape and measure the widest part of your head an inch above your eyebrows.
  2. Compare that length to the Charles Owen helmet size charts below.
  3. Place the helmet on your head, making sure it feels snug but comfortable.
  4. Buckle the chin strap and adjust the fit to your head. If you measure properly, you shouldn’t need to adjust it very much.

Pro tip: wear your hair the way you will for competitions to make sure it’s comfortable with your new helmet!

Charles Owen Helmet Size Charts

Charles Owen helmets are typically offered in a standard oval shape. Some also come in a round shape, so if that’s what you need, check the helmet you’re interested in to see if a round version is available.

Charles Owen Helmet Size Chart

Our Top Picks for Charles Owen Helmets

Charles Owen has a wide selection of helmets that meet various priorities. Here are some of our store favorites.

Charles Owen Halo Helmet with MIPS ($599)

Charles Owen Halo MIPS helmet

We love this helmet for its classic stylish looks and MIPS technology. We even included it on our list of the top equestrian helmets, our list of the safest helmets, and in our post dedicated to MIPS helmets. Though MIPS isn’t a required safety technology, it’s backed by science and well worth considering. This helmet also has a unique 360° ventilation system and luxury padding, so it’s one of the most comfortable helmets available. The unique Halo lattice harness grips the occipital bone at the base of the skull and self-adjusts for a snug and secure fit. This helmet comes in black with black matte, platinum, and black gloss accents and has a classic or wide-brim option.

Charles Owen Ayr8 ($619)

Charles Owen Ayr8 Helmet

This helmet has a luxurious look and a fit to match. It has a washable headband with an antimicrobial lining for comfort and easy care. It also has a low profile with twelve central front and rear ventilation slots for versatility and comfort. The center panel has heat-reflective paint, available in gold or silver, and you can add elegance with exclusive leather-look side panels. This helmet comes in navy and black.

Charles Owen Pro II Plus Helmet ($375)

Charles Owen Pro Plus

This groundbreaking cross-country skull cap is in high demand and can take up to 16 weeks for delivery. And for good reason! It’s the only triple-standard one available, and it’s precision-fitting with a removable cup headband.  It has a sized liner that provides the closest and most customized fit and front and rear ventilation slots for superior cooling. This helmet also has a technology harness that offers unsurpassed stability, checking off all the boxes for design, ventilation, and safety in a cross-country skull cap. You can get this Charles Owen skull cap in regular and round fit, and it’s available in navy and black with rose gold and silver accents.

Charles Owens My PS Helmet with MIPS Technology ($319)

Charles Owen My PS Helmet

This is another winner: a classic yet modern-looking helmet with MIPS safety technology. It would be a standout already with its stylish look and comfort, but add MIPS technology and multiple international safety certifications, and it can’t be beaten! It’s a modern and innovative helmet with ten ventilation slots, a six-point harness, and a removable headband. It also has a wide peak and is available in round and regular fits. This helmet comes in black and navy.

Charles Owen SP8 Plus Helmet ($679)

Charles Owen SP8 Plus Helmet

If you’re looking for a helmet with a specially designed brim to shade the entire face and upper neck from the sun, the Charles Owen SP8 may be your new favorite. This low-profile helmet not only provides superior sun protection, but it looks sharp as well, with an effective wide brim that dips down at the sides. The front and rear ventilation slots pair well with the frontal air channel and Coolmax mesh for a cool and comfortable ride. This helmet comes in black and navy with smart accents like leather, silver, and sparkly.

Helmets You Can Trust

Charles Owen helmets offer the perfect balance of safety, style, comfort, and class. If you’re looking for an equestrian helmet that pulls out all the stops, check out Charles Owen. They’re a proven winner that has stood the test of time.

Have questions about any of our horse riding helmets? Give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re happy to help. Our shop’s team is made up of experienced English riders who have a thorough understanding of the products we carry.

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