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KASK Dogma Hunter Helmet

KASK Dogma Hunter Helmet

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The Dogma Hunter is part of the new KASK equestrian division of exceptional helmets. With years of experience designing and manufacturing helmets for a wide variety of sports disciplines, KASK is expertly suited to provide the comfort, fit, style, and of course safety that our discerning riders look for in a helmet.

The Dogma Hunter uses KASK's unique fit system to hold the helmet securely to your head. A removable neck cradle sits at the back of the helmet and snugly keeps it in the proper position. Comfortable and effective, you will love this feature

Removable inner padding comes standard with these helmets for ease of adjustment and to make cleaning a breeze.

The chin-strap is made from eco-leather which is both hypoallergenic and very comfortable. The fabric is washable, abrasion resistant, and water repellent.

One of the most important features for riders is the ability of a helmet to "breath" and promote air flow. KASK helmets have a superior venting system which includes two honeycomb-like aeration grids built in the polystyrene which allows for maximum airflow while riding and while ringside.

  • Every KASK Helmet comes with an innovative neck support (brace) that can be used to provide more support for the back of the head and the neck. This piece is removable and optional. It is highly popular among the girls that tie their hair in pony tails.  
  • Your KASK Helmet comes with its own KASK Helmet Bag/Carrying case
  • Lightweight ABS molded outer shell
  • Coated with a special waterproof, scratch resistant and washable textile  material
  • Super soft eco-leather chinstrap is hypoallergenic and washable
  • Expanded polystyrene inner shell
  • Two built in honeycomb-like aeration grids
  • Features KASK’s patented self-adapting FIT System 
  • Comfortable and breathable inner padding is made of 100% Merino Wool: a natural antibacterial fiber that provides unique levels of breathability and thermoregulation
  • Inner shell is made with expanded polystyrene and features three levels of densities in order to ensure total shock protection, comfort and lightness
  • VG1 01.040 2014-12, SEI/ASTM F1163-15

*Please call the store for availability on sizes smaller then 53cm, 864-457-3557.

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