Ariat Kids’ Boot Guide: Size, Fit, and Style

Ariat Kids’ Boot Guide: Size, Fit, and Style

It’s exciting when your child shows an interest in riding — a shared passion for riding can create a strong bond between you and your child. There’s just one problem: riding boots can be a challenge when kids constantly grow out of everything! Fortunately, Ariat kids' boots are designed to address this problem. We’re sure you’ll love Ariat even more than you already do once you learn about the hidden feature in their kids’ riding boots that will make your life much easier. Read on to learn why you should consider Ariat and the top boot options we recommend.

Buying Riding Boots for Kids

Riding boots are basically the same for any age, so you’ll want to consider many of the same factors when buying kids’ riding boots. You’ll want to look for boots explicitly designed for equestrian riders, as they have a number of safety features specifically designed for horse riding. Boots should have a small inch-high heel so the rider’s foot won’t slide through the stirrup. They should also have a smooth or lightly-textured sole so the rider doesn’t get her foot caught in the stirrup if she falls off the horse. Though falls don’t happen often, they can occasionally, especially for newer riders.

What To Look for in Children’s Riding Boots

Most of the qualities you look for in an adult boot will be the same as those for kids. Additionally, the fit of equestrian boots is important to focus on since kids outgrow their gear so quickly. Fit is important both for comfort and confidence in the saddle. Horse riding boots should fit comfortably without pinching or chafing anywhere, and they shouldn’t be too big where they could rub or even get loose when your child is riding. 

Are Ariat Children’s Riding Boots Good?

Yes, Ariat children’s horse riding boots come with “Wiggle Room” technology, a removable insole that provides an extra half-size of room for children’s growing feet so kids can wear their boots a little longer. Parents of growing kids will love this incredibly thoughtful and practical touch. It’s design quality like this that makes Ariat one of our customers’ favorite brands.

Ariat wiggle room technology

Ariat is an award-winning brand known for its innovation and craftsmanship. It has been around for nearly 30 years, inspired by the athleticism and competitive spirit of the legendary racehorse, Secretariat. Ariat’s dedication to making the best products on the market is unparalleled, and they are a popular and trusted brand here at the Farm House with staff and customers. We offer Ariat boots for womenmen, and kids, and we’re always confident recommending them. 

Top Ariat Kids’ Riding Boots

Paddock boots are a great, affordable option for kids. Since they don’t go as high up the leg as tall boots, they are easier to fit, put on, and take off and can often be found at a lower price point. Many competitions require tall boots, but for newer, young equestrians or practice rides, paddock boots are a great option to consider.

1. Ariat Kid's Scout Zip Paddock Boot ($84.95)

Ariat Kid's Scout Zip Paddock Boot

The most affordable kids’ paddock boots from Ariat do not skimp on style or quality. This fan-favorite paddock boot is made of full-grain leather with a Duratread outsole, so it will stand up to anything your child throws at it. It has a convenient antique brass zipper and just the right amount of support and cushioning. And Ariat Scout paddock boots have a moisture-wicking lining to keep your child’s feet warm and dry in any weather.

2. Ariat Kid's Devon IV Paddock Boot ($99.95)

Ariat Kid's Devon IV Paddock Boot

Here’s another great paddock boot by Ariat — and this one has the removable insole for an additional half-size of wiggle room for kids’ growing feet. If you’re looking to extend the life of their boots, this is a great option for you. The Devon IV boots are made with full-grain leather, and the sole is made from Duratread, so they will hold up to lots of wear. They have great cushioning and support for all-day comfort. The Devon IV paddock boot also has a breathable and moisture-wicking lining that’s comfortable all year round, as well as a zipper that makes it easy to wear for all ages. This paddock boot is a favorite of kids and moms alike.

3. Ariat Kid's Heritage Contour Field Zip ($269.95)


Ariat Kid's Heritage Contour Field Zip


If you’re looking for a field boot for your kid’s competitions, look no further than the heritage contour field boot. This boot pulls out all the stops! It’s gorgeous and comfortable, and we know your child will love it. It’s made from full-grain leather with a handy zipper, so your child won’t have to mess with lacing it up. It also has removable insoles to extend its wear. The design is a gorgeous high Spanish cut top line, and the contoured ankle design has a tighter fit system for a lovely silhouette. The Heritage Contour boot also has an elasticized panel and gusset to ensure comfort and superior fit. It also includes a moisture-wicking lining for all-year comfort. If you’re looking for a stunning field boot your child will love, look no further than this incredible option by Ariat.

Ariat Children’s Riding Boot Size Chart

Ariat boots do tend to run a bit larger than other boots you’ll find. Make sure to keep this in mind and check the size chart, regardless of whether you’re looking for adults’ or kids’ boots. Customers generally agree that ordering a half-size smaller than your street shoe size is appropriate. 

Ariat Kids boots size chart (downloadable printout)

Safety and Comfort for All Ages

Equestrian boots can be a significant investment, and there’s no time this is truer than with children and their growing feet. You want a brand you can trust that offers durable and comfortable boots with the necessary safety features. Ariat checks all the boxes, and we’re proud to offer them at the Farm House.

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