6 Best Horse Show Jackets

6 Best Horse Show Jackets

If you’re getting ready for an English riding competition, you’ll need a great show jacket (also called a show coat) for your riding ensemble. The right horse show coat will help you make a statement in the ring and is a requirement for English riding competitions. It should be stylish, fit you perfectly, and be appropriate for your riding discipline. You also want to consider the weather conditions for your shows and select a jacket with a good fabric weight to make sure you don’t get overheated when you’re competing. Here’s what to look for in show jackets, along with some top options that our customers and staff love.

Show Jacket Styles

Your English riding discipline dictates what you can wear. Some equestrian jackets have three buttons, and some have four. Generally speaking, you’ll adhere to the following guidelines. However, you should always check the rules of the event you’re attending, just in case they vary from the standards.

  • Jumpers — Four-button jackets that express the rider’s unique style are generally allowed. Most events allow for shiny buttons, bright colors like bright blue and burgundy, and contrasting colored piping.
  • Hunters and equitation — Wear a three-or-four-button jacket in conservative colors like black or navy. Some events may allow subtle features like accent buttons on the sleeve cuffs.
  • Dressage and eventers — The eventers and dressage show coats standard is a black four-button show coat. Some events may allow personalization, including colored piping, contrasting buttons, crystals, flair, and colored coat linings.

Show coats can be made of a variety of technology synthetic fabrics like mesh, microfibre, and softshell, that maximize freedom of movement. Some fabrics are breathable, UV resistant, odor-resistant, and water-resistant. They can even help with controlling a rider’s temperature to keep you from overheating, and many of the performance fabrics are machine washable and wrinkle-resistant for easy care.

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What To Look for in a Show Coat

Show coats, or show jackets, are a must for competition in English riding disciplines. While style matters, it’s also important to make sure your show coat is comfortable so you can focus on the riding and not your clothing. You’ll also want to consider the material for your show coat, regardless of your discipline. Gone are the days of wearing hot, heavy, and restrictive wool coats; today’s modern show coats are made of high-tech synthetic fabrics like mesh, softshell, and microfiber. These materials offer better freedom of movement and temperature control to keep riders comfortable. They often tend to wear better, are easier to keep clean, and are odor resistant.

6 Best Horse Show Coats

There are many great options for show jackets from top equestrian brands, so it can be challenging to choose between them. Here are some of the top sellers at the Farm House that our customers love — and we know you will, too.

1. Equiline Airbag Compatible Show Coat ($975)

Equiline Airbag Compatible Show Coat

If you’re looking for a stylish show coat built specifically to hide a safety vest discreetly, this is the right jacket for you! It offers gorgeous Italian tailoring with all the right features for a show coat, like breathability and flexibility in an incredibly light jacket. It pairs perfectly with the Zip’In  Airbag by HELITE (sold separately). When comfort and safety are both top of mind, you don’t need to choose between them — you can have both with Equiline. 

Learn more about equestrian airbag jackets.

2. Samshield Women’s Alix Show Jacket ($760)

Samshield Women's Alix Show Jacket

The Samshield Alix show coat delivers all the technical performance you need to support your most competitive rides. We love how the fabric moves with you, allowing an unrestricted ride. The fabric is breathable, and highly stretchable while offering UV protection and water repellency. Perfect for top-level showing, the Alix show jacket is suitable for Hunter discipline. 

3. RJ Classics Harmony Ladies’ Mesh Show Coat ($269)

RJ Classics Harmony Ladies' Mesh Show Coat

This is our go-to show coat for hot weather horse shows. The RJ Classic Harmony mesh show coat is extremely lightweight and provides maximum breathability. With an Italian jersey front panel and the unique back seams,  this show coat offers an elevated look with an athletic fit. The Harmony Mesh show coat is also machine washable which is a must when competing on hot days.

4. EGO7 Women’s Be Air jacket ($669)

EGO7 Women's Be Air Jacket

Ego7 is an Italian brand known for its sharp and stylish jackets with sporty elegance and a perfect fit. This jacket is one of our top offerings, balancing style and fit at an incredible price point. The technical fabric is comfortable, luxurious, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and stretchy in all the right places. This jacket is the perfect hybrid of traditional coat and mesh coat, you’ll be sure to make a statement in the ring. It’s a great option for jumpers, eventing, and dressage.

5. Ariat Women’s Artico Exhale Show Coat ($299.95)

Ariat Women's Artico Exhale Show Coat

Ariat is a top-of-the-line brand for equestrian wear, so it’ll be no surprise to see one of their show coats on this list. Their Artico Exhale Show Coat is a classically styled four-button show coat made of the lightest mesh material you’ll find. It’s moisture-wicking, breathable, and stretches in all the right places for the ultimate comfort and total freedom of movement. It’s a fan favorite for jumpers in the warm months for sure!

6. Samshield Women’s Victorine Embroidery Show Jacket ($839)

Samshield Women's Victorine Embroidery Show Jacket

This could be our favorite show jacket of the season. The new Samshild Victorine Embroidery show jacket boasts elegant yet fun styling. We love the Swarovski crystal floral crest embroidery on the cuff, lower back, and collar, and of course the tailored look you get from Samshield. The Victorine is made from highly breathable technical fabric that allows riders freedom to move, this show jacket is the perfect combination of durability and comfort.

The Right Show Jacket Matters

Getting a new horse show jacket is an exciting time for any rider. Here at the Farm House, we’re excited to help make this an easier decision for you by sharing our — and our customer’s — favorite brands. You’ll make a splash with any of these great equestrian show jackets!

If you have questions about any of the show jackets we carry, give us a call at 864-457-3557. We’re always glad to help! 

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