6 Signs You Need New Breeches

6 Signs You Need New Breeches

We’ve all felt the pain of our favorite breeches being tragically lost to wear and tear. Many of us continue wearing our breeches a bit past their prime as long as they’re semi-functional. But there comes a time when we all need to take a good, hard look at our closet and decide to spring for a new pair. Let’s take a look at some signs that your breeches may be ready to ride off into the sunset.

1. Holes

Holes are a hard-to-miss sign that your breeches are on their last leg (pun intended). Holes happen to most of our clothes due to repetitive washing and contact with hard surfaces. Riding clothes are no different, but with breeches, you also get a lot of additional friction from movement in the saddle. This means they’re likely to wear out faster than that pair of jeans that only makes it out for special occasions.

The most common areas to look out for holes are along seam lines and in the seat. Holes will lead to more holes, so don’t wait too long after spotting one to invest in a new pair.

2. Fading

Since our breeches spend a lot of time under the sun, they’re bound to get a little faded. A little fading doesn’t mean you need to toss your breeches, but it can be a sign that the fabric is past its best days. A fabric that has spent a lot of days in the sun will probably be less effective in protecting your skin from UV rays and could tear or damage more easily. Plus, you won’t be able to show in any breeches that are faded. If your once navy breeches are now looking grey, it’s time to move on.

3. Shrinking and stretching

We’ve all been in a rush and shrunk our breeches by washing in hot water or accidentally throwing them in the dryer. It’s all fine and dandy until you have to recruit a whole team to help you get them on. Breeches that are too small are uncomfortable and don’t help you look your best. They’re also more likely to rip at the seams.

Stretched-out breeches are also a no-go. If breeches wear out over a long period of time, not only can they look a little sloppy, but loose fibers can let sun through and tear more easily. If your breeches are too small or too big, it’s time to shop for a new pair that’s just right. 

4. Zipper is broken

This one goes out to the pairs of breeches held together by a paper clip. We salute you. Once a zipper breaks, the breeches will not be able to fit correctly, so this is an issue that will likely need to be addressed right away. If you happen to be handy with a sewing needle or know a good tailor, you may be able to replace the zipper yourself, but if not, it’s nothing a new pair of breeches won’t fix. You’ll also want to look for a new pair or try a different size if you notice that the zipper doesn’t stay up.

5. Stains

If you’re outside in the ring or doing chores around the barn, stains happen. But if your favorite pair of breeches are now tie-dyed with boot polish, slobber, bleach, or mud, it’s time to retire them. Staining is another issue that prevents you from wearing your breeches in a show (trust us, we’ve seen the horrified looks on trainers’ faces at the suggestion of wearing them). It also doesn’t help you feel and look your most confident on your rides. If you really can’t part with that favorite comfy pair of breeches, and despite staining, they are still good for schooling, maybe consider dying them a darker color? When you grab your next pair, consider adding a dark color for training to help you get more stain-free wear.

6. Peeling silicone

Finally, if the knee grips or full seat grips on your breeches are showing signs of wear or are peeling, it’s time for a new pair. These are the places that make the most contact with the saddle, so they’re a good indicator for where your breeches are in their lifecycle. If your grip is worn, you could experience unwanted slipping in the saddle. For the most precision in your ride, a new pair of breeches with extra grip can help.

While it is so hard to say goodbye to a favorite pair of breeches, a new pair can help you look and feel more confident on your rides. We have an entire collection of high-quality breeches to explore on our website and we have many signature styles for sale at our Landrum flagship location’s sale warehouse.

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I can relate – I am wearing a pair of rust color breeches – Harry Halls – from 1979! They actually look pretty good and at least have not faded! And they still fit! I did have to sew the knee patches back on though….

Jolyda Swaim

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