The Ultimate Guide to Ariat Tri Factor Breeches

The Ultimate Guide to Ariat Tri Factor Breeches

Sometimes, great competition breeches are hard to come by. That’s why we know many equestrians with multiple pairs of Ariat Tri Factor breeches in multiple colors in their closet. These breeches are the perfect all-season breeches, and we think every rider should have at least one pair. In this guide, we’ll share everything we love about the Ariat Tri Factor breeches and explain why they should be a staple in your riding wardrobe.

What are Ariat Tri Factor breeches?

Ariat Tri Factor breeches are the ultimate competition breeches. Featuring cooling technology, slimming support, and superior grip, the Tri Factor breeches can do it all. Riders from every English discipline enjoy wearing these breeches because they’re comfortable for everyday wear yet still sophisticated for competitions.

Why we love the Ariat Tri Factor breeches

The Ariat Tri Factor breeches include so many amazing qualities, it’s hard to narrow down our favorites. Here are some of the best features that we think are worth shouting out.

ClimateTEK™ material

One of the best features of the Ariat Tri Factor breeches is the ClimateTEK™ construction. Ariat’s patented ClimateTEK innovation is an advanced cooling technology that responds dynamically to shifts in your body’s temperature. It works effortlessly to keep you cool when the competition gets hot and keeps you comfortable while you rest.

Classic Calf Fit System (CFS™)

Tired of breeches bunching up under your boots? Ariat has you covered. The Tri Factor breeches feature their Calf Fit System (CFS™), offering a close and compressive fit beneath your riding boots. This comfortable technology also provides excellent support at the calf and ankle, alleviating pressure points and friction so you can ride for longer.

Core Control Technology™

With Ariat, you can rely on a smooth silhouette every time, starting with your breeches. The Core Control Technology gives you slimming support for a flattering fit and helps add stability to your core so you can sit up straighter in the saddle.

Hex silicone grip 

Ariat’s patented hex silicone grip provides maximum staying power in the saddle, especially in the full-seat styles. While some competition breeches may feel like you could slip right out of the saddle, the Tri Factor hex silicone grip keeps you secure.

Ariat® V3® waistband panel

Ariat is known for its V3 waistband panel which allows for superior stretch and recovery. Riders enjoy the extra freedom of movement while still feeling supported in their core.

The Tri Factor EQ: Ariat’s show-stopping breeches of the season

Ariat’s Tri Factor EQ breeches redefine comfort, boasting a sculpting fit that complements your form while offering an unmatched level of comfort during extended rides. The Tri Factor EQ breeches are thoughtfully designed with cooling technology and without pockets or embellishments, allowing your performance to take center stage. 

Here are three reasons we recommend the Tri Factor EQ:

1. Sculpting comfort

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Tri Factor EQ Breeches offer a sculpting fit that flatters your form. The innovative design not only ensures a sleek and tailored appearance but also enhances your comfort during those long hours in the saddle. 

2. ClimateTek cooling

One of the most remarkable features of the Tri Factor EQ Breeches is their incorporation of Xylitol technology. This revolutionary treatment reacts dynamically with your body’s heat and sweat, transforming into a cooling agent that effectively lowers your body temperature. These breeches allow you to stay cool and focused. 

3. Timeless elegance

The Tri Factor EQ Breeches are meticulously designed without the distraction of excessive pockets or flashy embellishments. These breeches embrace a classic aesthetic that resonates with traditional show attire. 

Our Favorite Ariat Tri Factor breeches

Whether you ride dressage, hunter-jumper, equitation, or all of the above, you’ll find your new favorite pair of breeches in the Tri Factor line.

1. Ariat Women’s Tri Factor EQ Knee Patch Breech

Ariat Women's Tri Factor EQ Knee Patch Breech

Ariat also has an equation variation of their Tri Factor breeches. Equitation is all about precision, style, and grace, which is why these Tri Factor EQ breeches are next-level. The equitation styling features curved hems for a more flattering fit as well as a pocket-less seat for a smoother silhouette. Don’t worry, you still enjoy the next-level stretch and superior cooling that comes with Ariat breeches.

2. Ariat Women’s Tri Factor Grip Full Seat Breeches

Ariat Women's Tri Factor Grip Full Seat Breeches

The full-seat Tri Factor breeches are the perfect all-season breeches that will keep you cool and classy during competitions. These breeches are expertly engineered to keep you riding in comfort and with confidence. Supportive performance features include compressive fabrication infused with cooling technology, a silicone grip where you need it most, and a sleek overall fit.

3. Ariat Women’s Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breech

Ariat Women's Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breech

For hunter-jumper events, Ariat has you covered with the Tri Factor knee patch breeches. With supreme flexibility, the Tri Factor knee patch breeches provide a full range of motion while keeping you cool and supported. The superior silicone grip helps keep you secure while you soar over jumps and obstacles.

Frequently asked questions about Ariat Tri Factor breeches

Here are some commonly asked questions we answer about the Ariat Tri Factor breeches here at the Farm House.

Do Ariat Tri Factor breeches run true to size?

As with most Ariat products, the Tri Factor breeches typically run true to size. Most equestrians buy their normal breech size and are very pleased with the fit. The contouring silhouette and ample stretch help to ensure a comfortable fit.

Learn more: Ariat Breeches Sizing, Fit, and Style Guide

What rise are the Ariat Tri Factor breeches?

The Tri Factor breeches are the perfect mid-rise breech. The rise does pitch higher in the back to ensure a secure fit.

Do the breeches come in different colors?

Yes! The Tri Factor breeches are available in white, tan, navy, black, and brown, plenty of options for every equestrian wardrobe.

Are the Ariat Tri Factor breeches best worn in summer?

Though the ClimateTEK material in the Tri Factor breeches helps keep you cool and dry, you can also wear these breeches all year round. The high-quality material is also thick enough to wear when the temperatures drop, but you can also fit a pair of thermal tights underneath in particularly chilly weather.

Tri Factor: The perfect breeches for any occasion

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable pair of breeches to wear on a hack or need a pair for the show ring, the Ariat Tri Factor breeches are the perfect pair. Add them to your riding wardrobe today!

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