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Fleeceworks English Seat Saver

Fleeceworks English Seat Saver

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We love the Fleeceworks English Seat Saver because it literally saves our seat and lets us ride longer!

Pure Merino Sheepskin provides a plush cushion for English saddles and allows the rider to maintain close contact. Elastic loops hook over stirrup bars to ensure fit without putting the D rings at risk.  Sheepskin flap fits over cantle. Velcro strap runs length of the channel under the saddle. Elastic strap under cantle for a secure fit. The ultimate in rider comfort and security

  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Length  Measured from sheepskin front edge at pommel to edge at top of cantle. 
  • Width    Measured from sheepskin edge to sheepskin edge  across the widest part of the cantle
  • Sizes:
    •  Medium: 18" L & 12.5" W
    • Large19" L & 14" W (Large will return to stock MidMay)

"Fleeceworks developed their patented technologies to keep your equine athlete at the top of their game."

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