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Fleeceworks Therawool Perfect Balance Halfpad with Inserts

Fleeceworks Therawool Perfect Balance Halfpad with Inserts

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We love the Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Half pad with Inserts because not only does it offer the premium fleece lining we love, it has removable shims that customize to your horse's back for a more comfortable ride.

Our Perfect Balance Technology half pad with inserts and rolled edge in Therawool. Two sets of removable 1/2" full Visco inserts are included, which offer increased protection for your horse's back. Visco foam will even out minor contact issues as it contours to horses' toplines. Front pockets are designed to accommodate optional Visco wither inserts. The rear of the pad will fit optional Visco back risers. Appropriate for all saddles and disciplines.

Length: Measured from inside sheepskin roll on pommel to inside back rolled edge.
Width: Measured from inside rolled edges across the widest part of the pad.
Drop: Measured from the middle top line of pad to edge of the flap

  • Length: 18″
  • Width: 13"
  • Drop: 11.5″
    • Length: 19″
    • Width: 13"
    • Drop: 11.5″
    • Length: 20″
    • Width: 14"
    • Drop: 11.5″
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