Fleeceworks Therawool Show Hunter Pad with Partial Trim & Perfect Balance Technology

We love this show hunter pad because of the minimal trim making it perfect for shows, paired with a breathable, washable, and durable material. Convenience and class come coupled together in this wool and poly-acrylic backed plush piece, put together to pad and protect.  Pick yours up today, or have the perfect size shipped right to your door!

New Fleeceworks  Therawool™ Show Hunter Pad with Partial Trim & Perfect Balance Technology takes the same wool fibers used in our sheepskin pads and weaves them onto poly-acrylic backing.  The Perfect Balance Technology is incorporated with the ability to use optional front, rear, full, visco or wool felt inserts. Inserts are not included but are available to purchase.

Considered a sustainable fiber vs a live fiber. Durable, Breathable, Washable, Hydrophilic, Elastic, and Protective. Soft and plush even after washing. Our product will not felt up after washing as with other wools currently on the market. Returns to its original appearance with Brushing.

Inserts not included, may be purchased separately: