Shop Acavallo saddle pads, stirrups, bits, and more! Get Acavallo half pads, gel pads, and risers along with stirrups for amateur and pro riders. Acavallo is known for its high-quality products with an emphasis on the welfare and protection of the horse that can help improve the athletic performance of the horse and rider.

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Acavallo’s products are conceived, designed, and made in Italy using materials of exceptional quality of Italian origin. Acavallo is creating truly innovative products such as the Acavallo seat saver collection and horse boots with gel inserts for comfort and protection. Many top international riders use and recommend Acavallo products, including the Olympic dressage champion Charlotte Dujardin. 

Why You’ll Love Acavallo

Acavallo truly lives up to its mission to “create products for the welfare and protection of the horse.” The company is highly focused on horse welfare. Additionally, it’s committed to environmental protection, using natural raw materials, and producing recyclable products.

Popular Products

The Acavallo half pad is a customer favorite and comes in many versions, including 3D Memory Foam. The Acavallo gel pad, with its incredible ability to absorb shocks, is suitable for any type of saddle and fits perfectly to the horse’s back. It’s also sticky, even after washing, ensuring it stays put. Acavallo stirrups, with their stress-actuated locking and release mechanism, are always popular as well. These stirrups are less rigid and more comfortable than standard ones.

What Others Are Saying

I really like the pad. The memory foam is not too bulky and is very soft. My horse doesn't have a sore back, but I bought this for extra comfort. I bought this for schooling only. The only reservation about the pad is that is bigger than I expected. The bottom of the pad comes about 2 inches below the seat of the saddle. This is the way it is supposed to be, just not used to the larger size. Other than that, I really like it and would definitely purchase again.

I love the Hex Front Riser pad, it really helped with my hard to fit Thoroughbred! And the gel is super shock absorbing. Can’t find a better pad. - Judy L.