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Acavallo Arco AluPro Stirrups

Acavallo Arco AluPro Stirrups

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We love this stirrup because of the security it provides; it's like being one with the stirrup.  The design allows you to achieve perfect leg position and balance relieving tension in your ankles, knees, and hips.    

The Arco AluPro stirrup is made of certified high-grade aluminum material and has been designed to have a maximum weight of 310 g per piece which is much lower than the average weight of standard steel stirrups. The stirrup pad with its practical long holes (avoiding dirt accumulations between boot sole and tread) and its lateral recesses and the “open” and fashionable design of the stirrup bow provides for an additional weight reduction.

  • An extra-large stirrup pad is inclined towards the rider’s foot (5° angle) for the optimal leg position
  • Special grip effect of the tread surface even enhances the stability of the foot position
  • We have added 4 rivets with screw thread for a stronger grip effect
  • The coloring of the stirrup bow using anodization provides the product with an effective corrosion protection
  • Available in a wide range of different colors
  • The bright aluminum surface of the pad, making a nice color contrast to the upper part of the stirrup, is obtained by a special polishing procedure
  • Developed, designed, and manufactured in Italy
  • One Size Fits All- Adult.
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