Meet Our Team - Claire Rinck

Meet Our Team - Claire Rinck

by Lizzie Lengling October 08, 2020

I moved to North Carolina this past year and already love being part of The Farm House Family. I help run the online fulfillment department and am the one tracking down all the inventory for your orders!
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Meet Our team

Meet Our Team - Vicky Clark

by Lizzie Lengling August 13, 2020

Meet Customer Service Manager - Vicky Clark

Horses will always be a huge part of my life, whether it be riding and training, breeding or helping equestrians feel their best in the show ring. It’s just who I am and it’s what led me to become the Customer Service Manager here at The Farm House. 

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The Farm House loves helping our little riders!

Meet Our Team - MeMe Jordan

by Lizzie Lengling July 15, 2020

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Lisa Clements at Devon Horse Show

Meet Our Team - Lisa Clements

by Lizzie Lengling June 15, 2020

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