Meet Our Team - MeMe Jordan

The Farm House loves helping our little riders!


Meet Our Team - MeMe Jordan

My story starts just like those corny horse movies… My mom's family was always involved with horses so naturally; I caught the bug very early on! I remember seeing this incredible photo of me on a horse at only a few weeks old that I wish I could have found for this occasion. Growing up, my family had a “whole herd” of Tennessee Walking and Racking horses, so I found my love for competing in saddle seat and Tennessee Walking Horse shows.


It’s hard to pick a favorite out of our horses, but Wishes and Hotlips will always hold a very special place in my heart. Wishes even helped me achieve a Reserve Equitation World Championship which is one of my biggest accomplishments. But honestly…I consider every time I get to show to be an accomplishment. Not everyone gets the chance to do what we do! There are many people out there who would love the opportunity to ride or show but never will, so I am incredibly thankful every time I hop up on a horse!

    Rider w/ dog and horse win blue ribbon         

I didn’t lose the horse bug when I went off to college… I attended Clemson University (GO TIGERS!) and graduated with a B.S. in Animal and Veterinary Sciences with a concentration in Equine Business Management, as well as a minor in Business Administration. I then started working at The Farm House in 2017 and got to combine my passion with my degree. I have so many amazing memories working in sales and as the Customer Service Manager, but my favorite is every time I got to help anyone with those “first moments”. First helmets, first paddock boots, first breeches, etc. To see the uncontrollable excitement on a child’s face is always infectious!


I’ve always loved working with kids so recently I decided to pursue a new dream of becoming a teacher! I spent the last school year as a long term substitute, but I missed my Farm House family so much that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to come back for the summer! Being back has been great, and I love sharing my favorite products with all our customers. I’m currently obsessed with Kask Helmets and Ego 7 tall boots- They not only make you look your best, but the quality is incredible!

This coming school year I’m excited to step into the role of Media Center Aid as well as a cheer coach while I finish up my teaching certification in middle school science. When I’m not teaching I truly just enjoy spending time with my horses (and dogs, Flash and Izzy). Hopefully, I’ll get back in the show ring consistently one of these days, but for now, I’m happy with any opportunity that’s thrown my way! 

Written By: MeMe Jordan

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