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Meet the team: Allie Harbuck

As a kid, I was the quintessential horse girl. I was influenced by reading Felicity: An American Girl, which was my favorite book as a precocious kid who was very into the Colonial Times. More horses back then, ya know? For my tenth birthday, just like Felicity, I got to have my first riding lesson. It was love at first ride with my horse Jill. Jill was my perfect intro to what riding life was like. Long hours at the barn, chores, baths, and drilling the same jumps over and over again–I loved it all.

After Jill, I started training with my best horse buddy, Starburst. Starburst and I spent many days of my early tween years learning how to canter and jump to our heart’s content. Sadly before Starburst and I got to compete, she (and her owner) moved away and I began pursuing new, less horsey hobbies.

Allie with mini horse, Trouble

After trying and failing to play piano and violin in high school, I decided to stick to reading and writing. I was always a bookworm, but I never really thought about pursuing words as a job until I went to college in Searcy, AR where I studied Communications and Writing. Like everyone else in my life, you may be asking, “Why Arkansas?” I wanted to use college as an opportunity to explore life outside my home state, but ultimately, it just made me feel grateful to call Upstate SC home. 

Even though Arkansas was a little too flat for my tastes, I had a blast in college. I starred in short films, hosted my own radio show, worked as a TV news anchor for an apparently award-winning station, edited a literary journal, and became the president of a public speaking club. I graduated with my BA in 2019 and began my first stint as a barista in Greenville while I “figured out my life.”

Article announcing Allie's work as a news anchor on award-winning HU-16

In October 2019, I did not have life figured out, but I did begin my epic marketing journey. I’ve worked in digital marketing for car dealerships, IT companies, Medicare providers, universities, restaurants, and so many more. I’m still a words girl through and through. I write blogs and websites like the wind, and I love researching the living daylights out of a topic I know nothing about. Maybe that influences the somewhat concerning amount of video essays and podcasts I consume.

I couldn’t be more excited to reunite my love of writing with my childhood love of horses in my new gig as a Content Creator for The Farm House. I’m most looking forward to learning new, weird, and wonderful sides of the horse-riding world that I had no idea about and sharing them with you in blogs, emails, or social media posts. When I’m not cooking up content, I love helping out behind the scenes of our outfit photoshoots, making graphics, and editing photos, podcasts, and videos.

By night, I’m a proud mother to a 5-year-old orange Tabby cat named Kit. That’s Kit as in KitKat the candy (because he’s orange like the wrapper). He’s very loud and clingy and extremely selective about who his friends are. I smuggled him into my dorm as a five-week old kitten and I’ve been obsessed with him every day since.

Allie's orange tabby cat, Kit

On an average night, Kit and I are crafting up a storm. I might not be gifted at drawing or painting, but I love sewing, embroidery, pottery, needlepoint, Mod Podge, candle-making, flower arranging, nail art, and all of your grandmother’s other favorite hobbies. I still read incessantly, mostly Young Adult or contemporary fiction and I love LOVE a cheesy romance or a sad ending.

I’m also extremely dedicated to finding the best coffee spots around town. I’ll take you, but you will have to listen to me pretend I know the tasting notes of three identical espressos. You can also find me out with one of the meetup groups I’m a part of in Greenville investigating why there are so many breweries downtown or hiding out in the mountains.

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