Ultimate Ariat Ascent Gear Guide

Ultimate Ariat Ascent Gear Guide

It’s no secret that we love Ariat here at The Farm House. This incredible brand is a consistent favorite for staff and customers alike. Ariat has been designing riding apparel for nearly three decades, with a reputation for comfortable and durable apparel of exceptional quality that makes them a leading brand among English riders. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Ariat Ascent line and highlight some of our favorite Ascent show shirts, boots, baselayers, and tights to consider for your riding wardrobe.

What Is Ariat Ascent?

Ariat Ascent is a line of compression knit clothing designed to provide muscle support and stability in the saddle. From expertly designed tech tops, leggings, and even boots with a blend of high-tech synthetic leather and knit, this innovative and groundbreaking line is a top choice for high-performance use. Ariat brings comfort and flexibility in breathable materials you’ll love.

Why Ariat Ascent?

Ariat created the Ascent line to offer a comfortable, high-tech collection for high-performance use that would stand out as a “revolution in training.” The apparel is designed to provide riders at all levels with a competitive edge. We’re confident that once you try Ariat Ascent,  you’ll wholeheartedly agree that it does exactly that.

Ariat Ascent equestrian gear highlights

The Ariat Ascent line offers everything you’ll need for long days of training in any weather, including sun protection, mesh paneling for maximum cooling, and thermoregulation technology. Flexible materials provide a full range of motion and reduce chafing, too. The Ascent line also includes integrated compression panels designed to help you train harder for longer. 

In addition to exceptional performance, Ariat Ascent apparel stands out for its sophisticated designs, making it one of the most stylish equestrian clothing lines available. Here are the Ariat Ascent offerings available at The Farm House.

Ariat Ascent show shirts

Ariat is known for top-tier equestrian clothing, but their new Ascent show shirt has set a new standard of excellence for show clothes.

Ariat Ascent 1/4 Zip Short Sleeve Show Shirt ($124.95)

Model wearing Ariat Ascent Short Sleeve Show Shirt in white

Take the Ascent line into the show ring with the new Ariat Ascent show shirt. The compression panels and a racerback design prompt good posture and increase circulation for long competition days. Generous mesh panels keep you cool and dry, even when worn under a show coat. The ¼ zip show collar stays in place during shows but can be unzipped between events for maximum comfort. Choose from classic white or pearl gray for a polished show look that’s sure to wow the judges.

Ariat Ascent Tall Boots

Ariat’s Ascent tall boots are ultra-lightweight, with the fit of a sneaker and the look of a boot. They include compression knit technology, so they feel great to wear, even after hours of riding.

Ariat Women’s Ascent Tall Boot ($359.95)

Ariat Ascent women's tall boot

These Ariat Ascent tall boots have a fierce and bold new design that we love. They have the most comfortable shock-absorbing midsoles and great traction, with a breathable and compressive fit that’s comfortable even in the hottest weather. The inner leg panel is crafted with high-grip material, and they have exceptional flexibility. They can even be folded in half for easy portability. These premium riding boots are made for training or shows, and your legs and feet will hold up in them better than you’ve ever seen after a long day of riding. 

Check out our complete rider review of the Ariat Ascent Tall Boot.

Ariat Ascent Paddock Boots

If you prefer paddock boots for your practice runs, the Ariat Ascent line has got you covered! These exceptional paddock boots are made with the same ultra-lightweight materials and compression knit technology as the tall boots. They may just be your new favorite pair!

Ariat Women’s Ascent Paddock Boot ($159.95)

Ariat Ascent women's paddock boot

This paddock boot has the same bold design as the tall boots, including their flexible, lightweight construction and shock-absorbing cushioning. It also has reinforced paneling and spur strap protection. You’ll be prepared for the stable or the trail with these revolutionary boots, as Ariat Ascent Paddock boots deliver premium style, comfort, and stability. The same Ariat Women’s Ascent Paddock Boot has been upgraded with a waterproof design option ($169.95) that’s flexible, breathable, and lightweight. Wear with the Ascent Chap for the ultimate performance combination.

Ariat Men’s Ascent Waterproof Paddock Boot ($179.95)

Men's Ariat Ascent paddock boot

It’s not only women that get to enjoy the Ariat Ascent Waterproof Paddock Boot! There’s a men’s version, too, offering the same unparalleled comfort in this lightweight and shock-absorbing compression boot. Men can up their game with this unparalleled performance boot and ride all day long.

Ariat Ascent Half Chaps

These Ariat Ascent Half Chaps are in a class of their own! When paired with the paddock boot, they can’t be beat.

Ariat Ascent Half Chap ($119.95)

Ariat Ascent half chap

These half chaps fit like a sock but perform like a pro! They are a perfect balance of style and comfort with their sleek, contoured silhouette, breathability, compression, and durability. The Ariat Ascent Half Chap has grip right where you need it, so you can push the boundaries of equestrian performance.

Ariat Ascent Tights

The Ariat Ascent Tights deliver on all the benefits of athletic taping for post-training recovery. They also offer a deeper rise for core support, with compression to support muscles and joints, balancing comfort with performance.

Ariat Women’s Ascent Half Grip Tight ($129.95)

Ariat Ascent tight women's

These tights offer revolutionary compression to support muscle function while reducing injuries. This innovative technology design integrates engineered compression panels, providing support with the flexibility of a four-way stretch and a maximum range of motion for equestrians at all levels. The tights include envelope phone pockets on both sides for convenience and a flat seam construction designed to reduce chafing. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, making it great for any weather. And it’s made from recycled materials, so you can feel extra good about it.

Ariat Ascent baselayers

Ariat Ascent baselayers are designed with compression panels to encourage proper riding posture. They include mesh inserts for ultimate breathability to keep riders cool and comfortable, plus odor-resistant fabric and a UPF rating of 50 to protect riders from the sun. All baselayers are available in black and navy, and they come in three comfortable, flattering styles.

Ariat Ascent baselayer

Ariat Women’s Ascent Crew Short Sleeve Baselayer ($109.95)

The Ascent short-sleeve baselayer is one of our favorite Ariat shirts for riding in sunny weather. It’s perfect to layer or wear alone. The PostureTEK™ technology incorporated into this shirt helps keep you upright and stable in the saddle while riding, and Ariat’s proprietary Sun Protection Fabric™ protects you from UV rays with a  UPF rating of 50. Mesh panels promote airflow while FreshTEK™ fibers combat odors so you can stay fresh even while riding in the height of summer.

Model wearing Ariat Ascent Long Sleeve baselayer in black

Ariat Women’s Ascent 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Baselayer ($119.95)

The ¼ Zip Baselayer from Ariat is another comfortable, flattering top that can be worn alone or layered with other riding gear. This baselayer conforms to and supports your body with PostureTEK™ technology to keep you steady in the saddle during long riding sessions. The breathable, flexible fabric with mesh panels keeps you cool and comfortable while providing a full range of motion. 

Model wearing Ariat Ascent Full Zip baselayer in black

Ariat Women’s Ascent Full Zip Baselayer ($139.95)

The Ascent Full Zip Baselayer is the perfect choice for equestrians hanging out at the barn or traveling to a show. This top incorporates advanced technologies like PostureTEK™ to prompt good posture and alignment in the saddle, ClimateTEK™ for dynamic temperature regulation no matter the weather conditions, and Ariat Sun Protection Fabric™ for defense against harmful UV rays.

Ariat Ascent Pros and Cons

Still not sure about the Ariat Ascent line? Here are some of the pros and cons of Ariat Ascent boots and attire.

Ascent boots pros and cons

  • Pro: Lightweight and very comfortable from the first wear
  • Pro: Available in half sizes
  • Pro: Waterproofing is effective, and the boots don’t let straw in
  • Pro: Easy to keep clean
  • Con: Higher price point 
  • Con: More difficult to get on than some boots (as there is no zipper in the padddock. Tall boot and chap have a full, back zipper)

Ascent apparel pros and cons

  • Pro: Very lightweight
  • Pro: Great breathability and flexibility
  • Pro: Fit is true to size
  • Pro: Posture-prompting composition
  • Con: Higher price point
  • Con: More challenging to get on and off than other equestrian attire
  • Con: The level of compression takes some getting used to

Browse the best Ariat gear for show season.

Is the Ariat Ascent collection right for you?

If you’re seeking premium equestrian attire designed for performance, comfort, and ultimate flexibility, the Ariat Ascent collection may be what you’ve been looking for. Explore more Ariat Ascent options, including shirts, breeches, tights, tall boots, paddock boots, and half chaps. Ariat products are designed with the equestrian in mind, integrating quality, technology, and durability that riders love. Choose Ariat, and you won’t be disappointed. 

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