Why You'll Love Your New EGO7 Boots And How To Fit Them

Why You'll Love Your New EGO7 Boots And How To Fit Them

So you love custom-made boots, but not the price tag? 

EGO 7 is your best bet for that beautiful custom-fitted boot you desire. EGO 7 is a sub-brand of Italian brand Tucci, they are an Italian boot sold for under $500. We were the first store in the country to introduce their boots in 2017, and since then they have been one of our top selling boots. Seriously, everyone who buys them LOVES these boots.  


My experience began with speaking with staff at Farm House Tack to review my measurements to ensure the best fit. Days later the new boots arrived and fit like a glove made for me straight out of the box. I wore them for about an hour at home and finally took them to the barn today. Very comfortable and zero problems dropping my heels in brand new boots. Indeed, the boots were superb at helping me to keep my foot in position, so a lot of stability in them. The ankles started dropping almost immediately, so no chafing behind the knee. And I love the padded heel protector! The final thing I will say is I absolutely love the spur rests. My spurs sit securely in a predictable spot, so the boy knew what he was being asked to do immediately. On days that he is a little hot, I can choose less contact with my spur. And after a really hard ride, I am happy to say I do not have a blister anywhere. I do, however, have some sore calf muscles and Achillestendons because I don’t think my heels have ever been able to drop this much. Well worth the price. I want another pair just for schooling.

- Sandra S. on the EGO 7 Orion Field Boots, January 2021


I love these boots. I’m saving them for show season but wow I’ve worn them 3 times and already 50% broken in. I recommend them. They also are beautifully presented

-Rayelin R. on the EGO 7 Orion Field Boots, March 2021

 Buying a pair over the phone or online can be tough since these boots are measured in centimeters. So we're going to help you through the sizing with some tips and tricks, as well as this great video our EGO 7 rep Amy MacDonald helped us put together!

First things first, custom boots are just that - custom to fit you. There is a common misconception that there is no break-in period with custom boots. This is not true, like any boot, ESPECIALLY a custom boot it takes time for that glove-like fit. If you want that sleek long look from your Ego 7 boots, it's going to require a little work and some patience. To get the right fit, they are going to start too tall & very tight around your calf. Yes, they are going hit you at the back of the knee until they break-in. I promise you the result will be well worth the time and the money saved!

Let's Measure

Put back your dad's/boyfriend's/husband's metal measuring tape from the toolbox. Your leg is not a construction zone, don't treat it like one. You will never get a decent measurement from one of these. Any grocery store or box store you frequent is going to have a CLOTH measuring tape that will conform to your leg for accuracy. Most already come with inches on one side, centimeters on the other. Be sure to make sure it has centimeters. Your custom fit depends on it. :) Pick one up or borrow one from that crafty neighbor down the street with the Etsy store.

Now that you've got the right tools, let's put on the right clothes. Put on your favorite breeches & boot socks and find a level place to stand. It's helpful to have a mirror & friend with measuring. Stand straight but with your knees unlocked ( slightly bent) measure from the back of your knee to the floor. This is your height measurement. Then measure the widest part of your calf. Let's face it, our legs are used more than any other body part while riding, lots of muscle there, don't be shy. This is probably the most important measurement we are going to take. It's not supposed to be tight, if you are making a muffin top with the tape on your calf it's too tight. Snug, but no muffin top on your calf.

We've got your height and width measurements, let's take care of that foot size. Ego 7 boots are European sized and you will quickly see there are no half sizes. Ego7 has a great fix for this, the boots come with 2-foot beds already installed in the boots. If the boots feel too tight in the foot - simply take one out. Genius, right? You may have to play around with the footbeds to see which one is most comfortable for you.

This beautiful pair of nearly custom boots is almost yours. That said, they need to be treated like custom boots. You can't just slap them on right out of the box and expect the zippers to go straight up with ease. If the zipper does go up that easy right out of the box, the calf is likely too big and you will be disappointed with the fit after a few rides.

There is a break-in period with these boots as with any custom boots. The zippers are going to be a little hard to get up and the calves are going to feel tight. The trick with the first few times you put them on is to pull the stretch panel toward the middle of your calf and pull, stretch and pull. It will be slow going the first few times. I promise, after a few rides, the calves will give a little bit, the height will drop and you will be the envy of all your friends with beautiful Italian leather tall boots.

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