5 Easy Ways To Add Equestrian Elegance To Your Holiday

by Michelle Drum December 13, 2016 2 min read

Add equestrian elegance to the holidays


Here we are once again it's the Holiday Season. We are all digging deep to pull out our inner Martha Stewart so our homes look festive and elegant, while keeping cozy family feel. Here are 5 ways you can make your home festive and elegant while keeping true to your equestrian roots. 



Holiday horse head wreath

1) Horse Head Wreath
Lots of directions on line for how to make these, or buy one if you are short on time. I put my husband to work with the instructions and he did a great job. I personalized ours with with an old halter carrying a name plate with our farm name and dressed it up with ribbon. They hold up very well, ours is going on it's third year. See link to instructions here

Holiday horse bit decor around doorknobHoliday door wreath with horse bits

2) Door Knob Or Simple Wall Decor
These are pretty easy, if you keep your horses at home, or if you've had horses long enough chances are you have a few spare bits laying around. Ideally a loose ring or 'O' ring snaffle works best for this craft. Simply use one end of the bit and with crafting wire or pipe cleaners adorn festive pine branches, pine cones or seasonal berries and finish with a ribbon. If this is for your front door, attach a harness bell. A fun way to alert you when guests or family are coming and going.

Equestrian holiday garland

3) Book Shelf, Mantle Or Table Centerpiece
We found this at Equestrian Stylist, they have several but this was our favorite. It's pretty versatile. It requires some ribbon, old - but clean - laced reins, 3 glass vases of varying sizes, red votive candles, greenery and fresh cranberries. They use cranberries floating in their vases, I have also seen small green apples used. Both are festive, try whatever works best for your home decor. See full instructions & other ideas here.


Horse riding tall boots with holiday garland

4) Tall Boot Decor
If you have an old pair of tall boots lying around that are no longer used, clean them up, put some festive greenery, pine cones and holly in the calves. Adorn with ribbon and perhaps an old pony bit strung through some laced reins and use them to dress up an end table or an empty corner. Consider spraying them with a waterproofing sealant inside and out, weight them with bagged sand in the toes. Tie them together with festive ribbon and and use them for an umbrella holder near your front door on a rubber mat. 

Equestrian holiday stair decor

5) Stair Railing
This was one of our favorites found on HGTV. Using old reins, bits, ribbon & greenery give any banister some festive cheer with an equine touch. I love how this decorator twisted rubber reins into her piece. See the whole house here

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