Tailored Sportsman Belts

Part of the Tailored Sportsman 2020 Collection, these fun, amazing leather belts are made with the highest quality materials with utmost care and attention to detail. Tailored Sportsman™ Belts are beautifully textured belts in fabulous colors that bring a little edge and a ton of style and distinction to your riding or regular outfit of the day! Tailored Sportsman™ belts are made in Italy with 100% leather that has an amazing, unique, and luxurious feel. The curved elegant buckles have distinctive Tailored Sportsman™ style. The fit is contoured to eliminate gaps at the back of your breeches or pants. Subtle, sophisticated, and thoroughly modern, Tailored Sportsman™ Belts are ready for riding and your equestrian lifestyle!

Length to the middle hole: S=32 inches, M=35 inches, L=38 inches

Choose from the Following Gorgeous Belts:

  • Tailored Sportsman™ Sand Dollar Belt-Light Tan leather etched with an ingrained pebble pattern with varying size pebbles. The pebble pattern is raised and easily felt. Features a sterling silver buckle.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Skinny Dip Belt- Light Pink leather adorned with an ingrained pebble pattern complete with large and small pebbles. The pebble pattern is embossed and easily felt. Available with a sterling silver buckle.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Grapevine Belt- Purple leather with a subtle swirl pattern and raised small purple bumps. Has a slight sheen that beautifully catches the light. The buckle is constructed of sterling silver.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Mini Quilt Belt- Black leather carved with an interlocking diamond pattern. The diamond pattern is textured. Available with a sterling silver buckle.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Monty Python Belt- Grey and Black highly textured velvet in a snakeskin design. Very soft and luxurious to the touch. Available with a sterling silver buckle.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Sporty Leather Logo Belt (Black/Gold or Black/Silver)- Black leather with a very subtle bumpy textured pattern. Choose from either a sleek sterling silver or gold TS logo buckle.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Bronze Medal Belt- Light Gold and Bronze metallic leather sculpted in a snakeskin pattern. A slightly bumpy texture that follows the outline of the snakeskin scales. Mainly gold with evenly spaced splotches of bronze. The buckle is gold.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Bright Side Belt- Black suede leather decorated with brilliant silver holographic teardrops. The teardrops are clustered on the black suede background and sparkle with a multitude of colors. Features a sterling silver buckle. A definite eye-catcher!
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Black Gold Belt- Gold and Black leather. The gold is the dominant color and forms an interlocking pattern of tiny dots. Extremely soft to the touch with a gold buckle.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ At Sea-Seafoam pebble look leather belt. This soft ocean color will give your outfit just the pop of color it needs.
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Flower Power - A fun and cheery floral pattern that adds a perfect touch of spring style!
  • Tailored Sportsman™ Clean Slate - A soft cornflower/power blue leather belt that's just flirty enough to really make your outfit stand out.
*These products are listed at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer. Rewards points cannot be used on Tailored Sportsman Products. No Further Discounts May be Applied.

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