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Sixteen Cypress

Sixteen Cypress Wool Fleece Half Padlack

Sixteen Cypress Wool Fleece Half Padlack

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We love this Woolf Fleece Half Pad, it's the perfect wither relief for added support to your saddle pad. 

The non-slip wool fleece half pad has a quilted cotton base with ivory wool fleece and a leatherette finish. Designed with wither relief and to support a range of saddle pads. With shock-absorbent material and breathable support.

Unique to Sixteen Cypress, their wool fleece is a differentiator in the world of half-pads. The soft wool brushes out easily is completely machine washable, and stands the test of use and time.

  • 100% Quilted Cotton

  • Wool Fleece Lining & Rolls

  • Finish is a Leather Alternative Trim

  • Air Dry After Riding

  • Brush Fleece with a Sheepskin Brush

  • Machine Wash & Gentle Cycle (Cool 40° Max)

  • Hang Dry

  • Brush to Re-Fluff

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